Limbaugh: Democrats Goal is to Undermine Trust in Our Electoral System

On Tuesday’s show, Rush Limbaugh maintained that the Democrats are now 100 percent invested in destroying the trust America has in our elections.

Rush Limbaugh really hit the nail on the head in Tuesday’s show with his commentary maintaining that the Democrats are now 100 percent invested in destroying the trust America has in our elections.

Citing the messes in Florida and Arizona, and harkening back to the year 2000 and Bush v Gore, Limbaugh noted that the Democrat Party’s agenda is to make every American distrust and hate our electoral system by an extended and perpetual war against the legitimacy of our elections.

The conservative talk show giant delved into the Democrat Party’s agenda on his Tuesday show.

“Are you tired of that mantra yet? ‘We must count every vote,’ as though somebody is trying not to count every vote,” Limbaugh said at the top of the segment.

“You could say the same thing about Arizona, except Martha McSally has conceded and her number one praiseworthy advocate is Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, who says this is how Republicans need to act,” Limbaugh said. “When they lose, they need to concede. Obviously, McSally cares about being a good citizen and being a good American, and she did what all good Republicans should do, and that is concede.”

But, Limbaugh wondered, which party is it trying to destroy our system? Well, it isn’t the GOP, that’s for sure.

“So which party is it that will not accept the results of elections? Which party is it trying to undermine our faith in the elections? And, by the way, do you think what’s going on in Florida is really all about these two races here, the governor race and the Senate race? I mean, it is, but there’s something much bigger at stake as well, and that’s 2020,” Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh later got to the nub of the issue:

They are refusing to accept the results of the Senate race in Florida and the governor’s race. And so now Scott, who’s trying to undermine votes and make sure votes don’t count and make sure people’s votes are ignored, should recuse himself from any role in the recount. Of course. Get rid of the number one advocate for Rick Scott, Rick Scott.

And the media amplifies this. This is totally reasonable. Bill Nelson’s making all kinds of sense, and this is how Republicans are continually portrayed as the enemy. The enemy of democracy, the enemy of elections, when in fact it is just the exact opposite.

And what does that mean…

“It’s one of a few key things that acts as the glue that keeps our society, our population together, is the acceptance of the outcome of elections, the will of the people. Once that stops — and we’re close to it — then you’re inching closer and closer to chaos and worse, anarchy. And we’re dangerously close to this point now, I think.”

Limbaugh continued:

They want there to be a question of legitimacy. Every time the Republicans win an election, the left wants it to be questioned. They want it to be thought of as illegitimate. I mean, after George Bush and the Florida recount, the fact that he was not legitimately elected is what allowed them to try and destroy his presidency beginning two months after 9/11 happened and then continuing throughout both of his terms. He was not legitimate because the recount was not legitimate because the Supreme Court stepped in.

But the point is question the legitimacy of every Republican election and ones that are close, and it allows you ’cause you’ve got your assistance in the media, it just allows you to have as a perpetual reporting narrative that the Republicans, as they exist, are illegitimate, that their reelection victory was illegitimate, that what they’re doing, therefore, may not be considered permanent because, if they stole election, if they’re elected illegitimately, then their appointees are not legitimate and whatever executive orders the president might make are not legitimate, they can all be withdrawn.

This is an ongoing strategy by the Democrats to have everybody, as many people as possible literally question the legitimacy of every Republican win. That’s what this is about here. This is about two things, maybe three. If they think that they can really via a recount find enough votes to reverse a 33,000 vote win and a 12,000 vote win, then they would do it. That’s never happened. A recount has never resulted in a 12,000-vote margin being overturned.

Limbaugh finished with a salient point:

My point is the Democrats strategically and policy-wise benefit from all of this even when they lose reelections. It is their way of dealing with an election loss by claiming that they should have won. They got jobbed. That the people who won really didn’t legitimately. That’s the whole point of this.

The only way, by the way, that any of this is valuable and could be gotten away with is because the media is essentially the left. The media is the Democrat Party. I mean, the Democrats by themselves cannot make the case that every Republican is illegitimate, but the media can do it day in and day out as they report on any number of Republicans or conservative commentators or whoever they want to report on. And that’s what this is.

Come on. Who can say he’s not right on, here?

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