Life Under Diversity: Christmas Security Beefed Up In NYC [VIDEO]

‘Tis The Season to Post Extra Christmas Security Around Churches in New York City.

In a story about a terrorist plot we learn about special Christmas security around New York City churches. Since the terrorist plot seems to have been merely an FBI entrapment scheme, that part of the story doesn’t seem newsworthy. The more significant news is that living in the Big Apple means “heavy weapons teams” stationed around the city not because of a specific warning but as a general principal.

Merry Christmas.

CBS New York reports, “FBI: Calif. Man Plotted San Fran Christmas Day Attack; NYPD Boosts Security At Area Churches For Holiday.

The NYPD had already announced it was stepping up security around churches for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but added that it was not doing so in response to any specific threat.

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There will be blocker trucks and officers armed with heavy weapons outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

“Obviously, Christmas coming up this weekend, Christmas Masses. We’re going to have full counter-terrorism overlays at St. Pat’s, there will be blocker cars, there will be teams out there. We will have truck restrictions on both Fifth and Madison Avenues from 42nd Street up to 57th Street,” said NYPD Chief of Patrol Terence Monahan. ”

“We will have heavy weapons teams responding throughout the city and throughout Midnight Masses and through the Masses on Christmas Day as well,” Monahan said.

The increased police presence come ahead of the New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square.

Read the entire story.

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