inc 500 honor roll

Ranking nationally at No. 4166 and No. 53 in the country’s top media companies on this select list confirms Liberty Alliance’s standing as one of the nation’s most successful private companies and entrepreneurial successes.

“They say it’s uncommon for a business to make a profit in its first five years of business,” stated Liberty Alliance CEO Jared Vallorani. “In our first seven years of business we not only made a profit, but we made the Inc. 5000 list five years straight. That’s unprecedented and puts us among an elite class of Inc. 5000 members.”

With nearly 1 billion page views in the last year (over 100 million page views per month on more than 80 websites) Liberty Alliance is dedicated to advancing Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness with members and strategic partners to leverage the power of new media in promoting traditional values.

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Founded in 2007 by Brandon Vallorani to manage the operations of conservative alliances including key figures, news organization, and publishing houses, Liberty Alliance offers development and management of websites, email newsletters, and daily content. Member sites include Allen West RepublicConstitutionClash Daily with Doug Giles, Eagle RisingJason MatteraJoe the PlumberKirk CameronKevin JacksonUS HeraldWayne Dupree100 Percent Fed Up and more.

CEO Vallorani is thankful for the websites’ loyal readership, stating, “My hope is that what we are doing will make a positive impact on the United States and help us save this great nation from moral and fiscal bankruptcy.”