Libertarian Candidate for President, Gary Johnson, says it’s Time to End the Two-Party System

In the wake of the March 15th primary, one of the Libertarian Party’s candidates for President, Gary Johnson, took to his website to argue that America has reached a turning point.

Johnson, who was once the Republican Governor from New Mexico, believes that the nation is ripe for a 3rd Party candidate and that he should be that candidate. He argues that 1/3 of GOP voters say they WILL NOT vote for Donald Trump, and that the majority of Democrat voters are apathetic toward Hillary Clinton’s campaign. (However, Johnson leaves out the best reason for believing that now is the time for a Libertarian candidate – according to recent surveys, libertarians are now the single largest voting group!)

Read what Johnson had to say about why you should support the Libertarian Party.

“2016 could be the year when the two-party hold on American elections falls apart — and it’s about time.

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“Exit polls from Tuesday show that fully one-third of Republicans will consider a third-party candidate if Trump and Clinton are the nominees in November. On the Democrat side, it is difficult to imagine voters who are energized for Bernie Sanders taking that enthusiasm to Hillary Clinton.

“Thanks to the realities of ballot access at this late date, there will be only one third-party candidate on the ballot in all 50 states in November. That candidate will be the Libertarian nominee.

“I would submit that the true ‘mainstream’ in American politics today, especially among the critical 80 million millennials who comprise the largest voter segment in U.S. history, adheres to the simple idea that government is too big, costs too much, and has in fact become a corrupt threat to individual freedom.

“Both the Republican and Democratic parties have fumbled around and constructed nomination processes that make it virtually impossible for a candidate reflecting that ‘mainstream’ to emerge. The American people see that, and it’s time for the real majority to stand up and try something different, such as electing a candidate who believes we have too much government and not enough freedom and opportunity.”
Here’s Gary Johnson’s explanation of why he’s running for President in 2016:

If you want another libertarian option for President, here’s our favorite libertarian candidate, Austin Petersen.

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