Liberals Want Us to Stop Throwing Gender Reveal Parties….NOPE!

Okay, I understand that liberals are bat crazy but that doesn’t mean the rest of us have to be! IF they want to be all different kinds of made up genders then so be it. However, us normal folks would like to continue living normally with our two genders….just like God intended.

So I find it almost laughable that we are now being demanded to stop throwing gender reveal parties because they are “a little narcissistic.” Right. Because even if that child has a penis, he may not be a “he” according to liberal logic. Makes perfect sense.

Daily Wire shared the story:

Diane Stopyra recently wrote an article for Marie Claire condemning gender reveal parties, titled, Dear Parents-to-Be: Stop Celebrating Your Baby’s Gender. Cutting into a pink or blue cake seems innocent enough — but honestly, it’s not.

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There are so many arguments I could present here…..

Throughout the article, she makes a number of charges against the parties in question. In her eyes, they are anti-transgender, anti-intersex, anti-feminist and anti-poor. Wow.

Stopyra begins the article by exposing her disdain for the games played at baby showers, not because of how kitschy they are, but because of how they promote the “baby industrial complex.” Uh. What?

What’s even more amazing is her apparent disrespect of expectant mothers, calling them the “knocked-up set.”

She quotes professor Carly Gieseler Gender-Reveal Parties: Performing Community Identity in Pink and Blue. It reads, “We’re affixing a label to a child who hasn’t even had a chance to enter the world and assume that identity.”

Uh. It’s not a label so much as it is fact, science, and sanity!

Stopyra also has a quote from an Illinois bakery manager that she interviewed. She wrote, “Having to supervise the making of gender-reveal cakes as her first job out of college was, she says, a ‘weird’ experience, and though she enjoyed the work otherwise, she did feel a certain measure of relief when she left that heteronormative environment.”

Stopyra ended the article with,  “We’d be better off showing the little girls in attendance that changing the world is every bit as much a female prerogative as bedazzling onesies. And that step one is celebrating who — not what — a child will be.”

It’s so stupid that it’s actually almost painful!


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