Liberals Want Fat Barbie Dolls



I’m looking at the “Fat Barbie” in the NY Post and I have to say that she is a turn off.  Beauty is not something that is dictated by political correctness. It exists like a light cool breeze over a garden. It is not dug out of soil as a shoveled opinion.


It’s politically correct to like oversized women.  But it is not emotionally accurate.  It is a lie for most people except for those who have fat fetishes.   A Fat Barbie is not a doll but a false attempt to change reality when reality is not changeable.


It is also politically correct to appreciate men kissing each other.  But it is aesthetically demoralizing and instinctively disgusting to most of us.   The lie doesn’t change reality;  it just momentarily disguises the truth and falsifies the norm. 


Physical love between men is viscerally wrenching.  The gays who hate us for it are in Never Neverland.


It is not proper to say, “retarded.”  But retarded is as retarded does.  It is not the word that is insulting but the attitude. If you dislike retards you are retarded.  It cuts both ways.


Beauty cannot be ordered by the current political climate. It is not a result of intellectual determination but it is what it is and we appreciate it because it is not interfered with by dictatorial style. Joy Behar  is ugly and Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful.  Black is black and white is white.  Gray is the failure to see decisively.


Beauty  is not a determination.  It is a reaction to appearance.  You cannot change the unchangeable.  You can just call it by the wrong name.


Opinion cannot change reality.  Thin is beautiful.  Fat is ugly.  There is no explaining it away no matter how a fat person stamps her feet or beats her chest.


You cannot change reality by changing its name or its appearance.  A Fat Barbie does not yank attractiveness along with it. It is what it is—fat.  If you can’t handle that you can’t handle that ugly is ugly and beauty is beauty.  It’s not an intellectual concept.  It’s truth.


It’s time that liberals stopped turning reality into a myth and accepted men for what we are.  We are not attracted to “Fat Barbie.”


We do not go to strip shows to see women like Bette Midler take off her clothes.  We listen to her sing.  Let talent lie where talent lies and get rid of Fat Barbie. Put her back in the closet with the other ugly dolls.

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