Liberals to Use “Mental Disorder” to Deny Conservatives their Gun Rights!

Before you go to see your doctor, make sure you have purchased all the guns and ammo you think you’ll need. After some seemingly innocent probing about your lifestyle and beliefs, he or she may consider you to be a danger to yourself, your family, and others (mostly the liberal establishment). A slipshod diagnosis may be enough to take away your Second Amendment and God-given right to “keep and bear arms.”

With Obama’s new Executive Order gun regulations, there are some gun control traps that could have grave consequences. Government regulations are written in vague ways so they can be interpreted in many different ways.

Consider RICO, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act that became law in 1970. This government-enforcement law was designed to go after organized crime. Sounds like a good thing. But once politicians and judicial activists started mining it for open doors, loopholes, and flexible interpretations, RICO became a wax nose that has been used to silence political opponents like the Hells Angels, Major League Baseball, and anti-abortion/pro-life advocates.

There is enough flexibility of interpretation in Obama’s new gun regulations that a person could be denied a weapon based on what some doctor says…

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