Liberals Stockpiling Guns and Ammo Now That Trump is Going to be President

Back in 2008 when it was clear that Barack Obama was going to be our next president, people – generally conservatives and libertarians went out and stockpiled guns, ammo, and food.

Numerous federal government agencies were also buying up massive amounts of guns and ammo, reports of which only caused those on the right to stockpile even more, all of which led to shortages.

Things have since calmed down. But now that Trump is going to be the next president, liberals are going out and stockpiling guns, ammo, and food.

When conservatives and libertarians did it because of the anti-gun implications of an Obama presidency, they were called racist, paranoid conspiracy theorists.

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Now that liberals are the ones doing it, I’m sure it’s totally different from when conservatives were doing it during the Obama years. After all, it can’t be for “racist” motives, because Trump is white. And they’re not paranoid if Trump really is out to get them. And they’re certainly not conspiracy theorists, because they actually understand Trump’s coded language and hand gestures, and he’s made it clear that he’s going to deliberately destroy the economy and put liberals in concentration camps. From the BBC:

Gun ownership has traditionally been associated with the right wing in America but the election of Donald Trump has prompted some left-wingers to join gun clubs – and even start preparing for the collapse of society.

“I really didn’t expect to be thinking about purchasing a gun. It was something that my father did and I rolled my eyes at him.”

Clara, a 28-year-old nursing student, grew up in the Mid-West, where “the folks that had guns were seen as hicks” or were just “culturally different,” she says.

But since the election of Donald Trump in November she has started going to a gun range for the first time and is shopping around for a semi-automatic pistol.

“It’s been seeing the way that Trump’s election has mobilised a lot of the far right and given them hope,” she says, citing a rise in reports of hate crimes and neo-Nazi activity.

As a transgender woman, she does not fear for her personal safety in the Californian city where she now lives but she says she knows people in rural areas “who woke up and found a bunch of swastikas and words like ‘faggot’ and ‘trannie’ scrawled all over their building.”

She foresees a wide-ranging struggle between the Trump administration and the left over issues such as immigration and racial politics.

But won’t buying a gun just increase tensions?

“Things are already escalating and they will continue to do so and me not engaging or being prepared to defend my friends by force… isn’t going to stop people from being attacked or harassed,” Clara says.


Lara Smith, national spokesperson for the Liberal Gun Club, says her organisation has seen a “huge” rise in enquiries since November’s election and a 10% increase in paid members.

Some of the new members are reluctant first-time gun owners, says Smith, concerned that isolated acts of aggression against minorities could escalate into something more violent and that a Trump administration will dismantle key constitutional rights, leading to a “more fascist rule than the US has ever had.”

The club, which has nine chapters and members in all 50 states, aims to provide a forum for people whose political beliefs do not fit the traditional right-wing gun enthusiast stereotype.

The club’s members have a keen sense of irony, joking in their discussion forums about drinking herbal tea and practising yoga “to get fired-up to hit the range.”

I actually think this is fantastic. Liberals are starting to understand the importance of firearms. They have fear – perhaps irrational – of a Trump presidency. But instead of rioting and looting in the streets, “protesting” his presidency, and intimidating him and his supporters to kowtow to their agenda (maybe they’ve already done that), they’re going out and buying themselves guns and ammo. (This is a good thing as long as they don’t mix rioting and looting with guns.) Regardless of their motives, liberals obviously have as much right to arm themselves and train as conservatives and libertarians do. The more armed our society is as a whole, the safer we are.

I seriously hope that more liberals arm themselves. I don’t care about their reasoning. I want them to arm themselves and stop being afraid of firearms. When that fear is removed, anti-gun politicians, and all the anti-gun propaganda in the media will be completely ineffective. Fear is what fuels anti-gun legislation.

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