Liberals Show Just How TOLERANT They are With This Black Female Trump Supporter [VIDEO]

It started with someone dressed up as a construction worker taking a pick ax and sledgehammer to Donald Trump’s star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, to which the media offered a collective shrug.

In fact, the media would not have cared one bit about the incident, except for the motive behind it. The vandal – identified as James Otis (not to be confused with the honorable founding father who coined the catchphrase “taxation without representation is tyranny”) – said he destroyed the star, because of the eleven women who have come forward to accuse Trump of sexual assault. All of a sudden, he becomes a hero for his righteous indignation.

“I had four or five family members sexually assaulted, and I’m terribly upset that we have a presidential nominee who’s become sort of a poster child of sexual violence,” Otis told CNN. He said that he plans on selling the stolen parts of the star and giving the proceeds to Donald Trump’s alleged victims. He thinks he can get about $1 million. He’ll need something if he wants to pay his $20,000 bail.

After the star was vandalized, a black homeless woman came to guard it to make sure it didn’t get subjected to further damage. She also happens to really like Donald Trump. She perched next to Trump’s star, and campaigned for the nominee to passersby.

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But as you know, other people hate him. And because they hate Trump, by extension, they hate this woman.

As a crowd of people stood around and watched, a couple of others attacked her, assaulted her, and tore up her Donald Trump posters – some of which were pretty inflammatory. But that’s no excuse for what these tolerant liberals did to this poor woman. Take a look:

I know it’s become cliche to do this, but imagine if this had been a homeless black woman who supported Hillary, and a group of Trump supporters gathered around and watched as she got pushed and shoved around and had her posters torn up. They’d call it a hate crime. And they’d broadcast it nonstop until the election.

But since it’s the other way around, it’s hardly news.

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