Liberals says the NFL and Disney Can Discriminate but No One Else Can!

Hypocrisy is everywhere in Liberal Land. The NFL is blackmailing Georgia because of its Religious Freedom Bill because it protects people’s religious freedom. One of the religious freedom issues is not being forced to participate in same-sex marriages. Ministers have never married just anyone who walked through their church doors. Many ministers require several weeks of counseling for engaged couples. Christian ministers will not marry a couple who are in open sin. Many churches are not open to non-members to marry.

Churches have always had the liberty to determine their own requirements for marriage. There was no law needed to protect what is an innate freedom. Now that homosexuals have a special carved out legal status forced on states by five unelected members of the Supreme Court, this liberty is being tested across the nation.

What if a same-sex couple comes to your church wanting to get married by your minister? Will he have the liberty to refuse? In order to protect churches and businesses related to the wedding industry (photographers, caterers, bakers, florists, etc.), many states are trying to pass legislation to protect churches and related businesses from lawsuits.

In the topsy-turvy world of political correctness, such protections are considered to be discriminatory. Not only do states have the courts to contend with, they now have to deal with big-name business interests that don’t want to be attacked by the pro-homosexual lobby. Georgia is presently on the chopping block, and the NFL and Disney are putting pressure (blackmailing?) by threatening no longer to do business in the state. This threat is thick with hypocrisy. It’s OK for the NFL and Disney to refuse to business with a point of view they disagree with, but they want to deny that same freedom to others. This is all political posturing. Are we to believe, for example, that the NFL has a national interested in “gay” sex? Is the NFL’s market homosexuals?

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How many homosexuals are in the NFL? Not one. If there are any closeted homosexuals, they are remaining in the closet. Yes, there was Michael Sam. But we’re now learning that the NFL only played the politically correct game to keep the “gay” pressure groups quiet.

“Details of the worst kept secret in the National Football League have finally been released: that the NFL secretly lobbied teams to draft Michael Sam. . . . The NFL completely allowed LGBT activists to overtake it, as evidenced most recently by their threats to take the Super Bowl away from states such as Arizona and Georgia, in retaliation for those states passing Freedom of Religion laws that the NFL deems ‘anti-gay.’” (H/T: Breitbart)

Gay NFLOf course, the NFL will claim that Sam was let go because he was not athletically capable of playing in the NFL. The scouts knew Sam was not qualified before he was drafted. That’s probably why he was picked. He was drafted to placate the homosexual lobby and would later be let go because of his lack of skills . . . not  because he was a homosexual. As of this writing, there are no self-admitted homosexuals in the NFL and yet the organization’s spokesmen have the gall to dictate to Georgia how a religious freedom bill should be written . . . or else no Super Bowl.

The NFL is free to conduct business only with people it agrees with to protect its claimed philosophical principles but no one else is afforded the same freedom. Hypocrisy runs deep at the NFL.

Now we come to Hollywood made up of even bigger hypocrites. Producers and directors spew a river of filth in films that are numbingly predictable. They can’t produce a film without a constant barrage of expletives and sex scenes. The LGBT+ lobby has sunk its teeth deep into the bowels of Hollywood by requiring that all scripts be gone over by pro-homosexual advocacy/pressure groups.

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Marvel Comics, a division of Disney, long ago capitulated to the gaystapo with numerous homosexual characters. Like the NFL, Disney/Marvel is threatening to stop doing business in Georgia.

“‘Disney and Marvel are inclusive companies, and although we have had great experiences filming in Georgia, we will plan to take our business elsewhere should any legislation allowing discriminatory practices be signed into state law,’ said a Disney spokesman today over a bill that the Georgia legislature has passed. House Bill 757 would permit faith-based groups and organizations in the state to discriminate based on sexuality.

“Following the lead of the NFL, warnings from the MPAA and cries for action from the Human Rights Campaign Fund, Disney is the first Hollywood studio to tell the Peach State it will take its business elsewhere if Gov. Nathan Deal signs the bill now on his desk. Right now, Guardians of The Galaxy 2 is filming at Pinewood Studios just outside Atlanta. The Governor’s office did not respond to request for comment on Disney’s statement today but Deal has until May 3 to sign or not sign the Free Exercise Protection Act.”

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Apparently Disney and Marvel are not “inclusive” enough to include the right of other companies to conduct their businesses in the same way their companies do. Whatever happened to “live and let live”?

Like the NFL, Disney and Marvel are free to do or not do business with a state because of its principled views, but they will not permit the people of Georgia to enjoy the same freedom.

We need to remember that homosexuality is about the type of sexual activity a person engages in. Homosexuality is not like race or gender. A simple DNA test can determine gender and race. In fact, a medical exam can determine gender, even after gender “reassignment” surgery. There are no DNA tests for homosexuals or bisexuals. We have to take a claimant’s word for what they claim to be.

It’s a shame that there seems to be a need for new laws to be passed to protect what are God-given liberties. Two people can pretend to be married and even get someone to marry them, but when other people are forced to accept their marriage, that’s tyranny.

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