Liberals Say Honoring Soldiers is ‘Childish’ and ‘Frightening’

Salon writer and obviously unbalanced liberal, David Masciotra, recently wrote a piece that attacked the American tradition of supporting our military and our police as “a frightening cultural streak of nationalism, chauvinism, authoritarianism and totalitarianism.” 

Here is just a taste of what Masciotra believes…

Put a man in uniform, preferably a white man, give him a gun, and Americans will worship him. It is a particularly childish trait, of a childlike culture, that insists on anointing all active military members and police officers as “heroes.” The rhetorical sloppiness and intellectual shallowness of affixing such a reverent label to everyone in the military or law enforcement betrays a frightening cultural streak of nationalism, chauvinism, authoritarianism and totalitarianism, but it also makes honest and serious conversations necessary for the maintenance and enhancement of a fragile democracy nearly impossible….

And so goes most of Masciotra’s pages long screed against our history of honoring our veterans and respecting those in authority. The folks at Fox and Friends had the requisite level of disdain and disgust for Masciotra’s article.

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While Fox may have been upset, the piece caught fire across the Internet and caused outrage everywhere it went.



I don’t want to downplay how disgusting the entire Salon piece is… but I really don’t understand the outrage.

This is exactly what most liberals believe and have believed for years. Sure, they play it off (and lie about it) in front of Middle American voters… but you all knew that they were just playing politics, right? This is like when President Obama was pretending to be against gay marriage because he had to be against gay marriage. Everyone knew that he was actually okay with it… he just couldn’t admit it to America or he wouldn’t have been elected. This is the same thing.

Most liberals, most Democrats hate the military, hate the police and hate the conservatives who teach their kids that these two groups should be respected. Why any soldier or any police officer ever votes Democrat is beyond me.

By the way, today is Veterans Day and yes, that Salon anti-soldier hit piece was very poorly timed as well as very poorly reasoned.

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