Liberals say it Doesn’t Matter How Many GOP Women or Minorities are Elected – They’re Still Sexist and Racist

The Democrat weeping and gnashing of teeth continues to flow with a serious bent of the racist/sexist variety. It seems that it doesn’t matter what the GOP does, they simply cannot win with the Democrat core. Sure, many conservative women and minorities were elected to public office across the country this past week… but according to the Democrats, that was all for show. The GOP is as racist and as sexist as they have ever been.

I kid you not.

Here are a couple of the latest examples of the bankrupt rhetoric coming from the left. They can’t fight us with ideas so they use disgusting ad hominem attacks that are more suitable for the gutter than they are public discourse.

At MSNBC we learn that it doesn’t matter how many women get elected on the GOP ticket – we’re all still a bunch of horrible sexist pigs. (Yes, even the ladies.)

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Ana Marie Cox, founder of the Wonkette.

Yes, Mia Love won and I think that’s great, and yes, Joni Ernst won and I think that’s sort of great. But the Republican caucus is actually proportionally even more male and white than it used to be, because they elected so many more men than they did women. So let’s keep that in mind.”

GOP-womenThere you have it. Sure, there are more elected GOP women than ever before… but somehow we are also more male than ever before. Get it?

But wait, there’s more.

In Utah, Mia Love became the first female African-American elected to Congress as a Republican. This simple fact should blow up all of the horrible Democrat talking points about racism and sexism, as Love comes from one of the most conservative states in the Union.

But no, Democrats can still pretend this black woman’s victory over a white man is because of racism and sexism. (These ugly Democrats sure have a talent for this…)

We told you about Love’s guest appearance on CNN earlier this week, where she said this.

“This has nothing do with race. Understand that Utahans have made a statement that they’re not interested in dividing Americans based on race or gender, that they want to make sure that they are electing people who are honest and who have integrity. …That’s really what made history here. Race, gender, had nothing to do with it.”

“In Saratoga Springs there are very few black residents. I wasn’t elected because of the color of my skin, I wasn’t elected because of my gender. I was elected because of the solutions that I put at the table because I promised I would run a positive issues-oriented campaign and that’s what resonated.”

Leave it to the Democrat faithful to turn her election into something ugly and disturbed. Just look at the things they are saying


Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 3.43.29 PM


We need to face facts fellow conservative. It doesn’t matter how far we progress with diversifying our base, the Democrat Party can’t survive if they can’t use ugly personal (and ignorant) attacks.

They have nothing new to say.

They’re ideas are old and busted – already proven wrong by the socialist countries of Europe, who are now clawing and scrambling simply to stay relevant in a world that is quickly passing them by. Democrats could lean on European socialism 20 years ago because their financial failures hadn’t yet caught up with them, but Europe’s terrible economy and lackluster jobs  market is laid bare now. Even the most ignorant observer can see that European socialism has failed – as Portugal, Iceland, Greece and Italy can attest to.

So these ugly attacks will continue, and we’ll continue to document and refute them as best we can. We have to continue preaching liberty until all of the fence sitters understand that we are the Party of freedom and equality. We are the true egalitarians because we believe in the equality of every individual – white, black, brown or any other pigmentation, male or female, old or young. We believe that the circumstances of your birth have nothing to do with the possibilities of your future. In America, anyone can achieve his or her dreams, but it isn’t the government’s job to do it for you… You should be responsible enough to do it for yourself.

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