Liberals Say You Can’t Legislate Morality but then They Try to Legislate Morality!

As soon as Christians gave into the lie that morality can’t be legislated, liberals began to legislate their view of morality on all of us!

All law is a reflection of some moral code. It is impossible to avoid imposing morality on people. There are tens of thousands of laws on the books that tell each and every one of us how we should live — from how fast we can drive our cars to how much money we have to pay in taxes. In each case, we are being controlled, and someone else’s concept of morality is being imposed on us.

With the moral universe now turned upside down, pro-abortion advocates believe it is immoral to deny a woman a right to an abortion. They work to impose laws on the whole society to protect the “moral rights” of those who want abortions.

When one concept of what’s right or wrong is set against another in the debate over legislation, an appeal to morality is inevitably used. Legislating morality is an inescapable concept. Back in 2003, Dexter Chambers, the communications director for the Atlanta City Council, claimed that he was against legislating morality: “I do not believe in imposing my morals on anyone else or anyone else imposing their morals on me.”[1] But the City Council imposes someone’s view of morality on the people of the city of Atlanta on a regular basis. Some people like the Council’s rulings, and some do not, but there’s no escaping the fact the morality is being legislated.

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jay sekulow“In a scene from the recent Western, ‘Silverado,’ set before law and order reached the frontier, an old black homesteader is murdered by ruthless cattle ranchers. When the old man’s son discovers the body he says sorrowfully, ‘This ain’t right.” But why “ain’t” it right? What is the foundation for law? How do we account for what’s moral?

Morality is not based on the wishes of the few or the pressures of the mighty. Morality can only be secured when we turn to a law that rests outside the partisan interests of fallen men. Morality must have an objective reference point that applies to all equally, to civil officials as well as citizens. Should we appeal to the latest polling statistics to determine right from wrong?
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