Liberals Like Bloomberg and Obama Sure Do Love their Mosques



When Bloomberg wanted to allow building a mosque on sacred ground in the graveyard of the World Trade Towers, I wanted to cry at his lack of respect for the three thousand dead at Ground Zero. Bones are not just bones; they are the remnants of lives carelessly taken.


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How could Bloomberg want to build a mosque in a place where the Moslems killed so many Americans? Also, a mosque is a symbol of conquest.


If you don’t respect your brother victims you can’t defeat your enemies and you don’t have a clue as to the meaning of love or love for the past.


Obama, our president, is following in Bloomberg’s footsteps by visiting a mosque after years of Muslims murdering western citizens.


The radical Muslims are Nazis to us. Their ties to Nazis go back to World War II. Would we put Islamic or Nazi symbols at Ground Zero?  It is a holocaust cite.


Why would Obama want to visit a mosque? Particularly, the Baltimore mosque where the Imam was radical and connected to various Islamic factions like the Moslem Brotherhood and al-Qaeda?


Any President who would visit the Islamic Society of Baltimore is a traitor who is seducing the enemy while pretending he wants to end terrorism through his good will. Maybe Obama thinks that he will stop jihadist recruitment by playing up to the Imam? Maybe he is having a Gitmo moment where he seduced and freed terrorists allowing them to kill Americans?


Obama said in Baltimore that, “We have to understand that an attack on one faith is an attack on all our faiths.”


Is Obama delusional? All the decapitations and burnings in cages come from Muslims. If you don’t call a spade a spade you can never have a flush. Toss in your rhetorical hand, Trump. You are losing in the casino of your dreams.


Obama misinterpreted and said, “When any religious group is targeted, we all have a responsibility to speak up.”  But when a specific religion is committing all the atrocities we have a responsibility to speak up against that religious group—the terrorist Muslims.


Mohamad Adam el-Sheikh led the Baltimore institution for eighteen years as its Imam. He was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and he condoned suicide bombings.


Does Obama have any tact? What is he doing visiting a mosque that is under FBI surveillance? I suppose he likes the FBI following him around. They are certainly heavy and deep into Hillary’s E-mails.


How can Obama betray our dead and those killed by suicide bombings? Have he and Bloomberg forgotten that the World Trade Towers were demolished by suicide pilots?


Obama preached religious tolerance to the religious intolerant in Baltimore. He tried to fool us by celebrating the non-existent contributions of Muslim Americans to our nation. I don’t think Muslims are known for their scientific achievements or moral leadership. We know writers and artists like Hemingway and Picasso. Where are the Muslim contributors?


Obama is in favor of diversity. Why? It has never shown itself to be anything other than a liberal cheerleader’s word, which is of little practical consequence.


Obama is bowing to radicals who decapitate people, kill homosexuals and rape women. Instead of allowing religious freedom Moslems kill apostates. Americans respect the division between church and state. Muslims combine the church and the state under Sharia law and murder people who leave their religion.


Accepting criminally minded killers is not a sign of your open-mindedness but your self-hating stupidity.


It is not diversity but despicable self-defeat.


I think Obama is the “horror” that Kurtz saw in the Heart of Darkness. He dresses nicely while he undresses us and encourages the scorn of the world. He is a follower of Bloomberg.


During a hallucination Obama said “Think of your own church or synagogue or temple, and mosques like this will be very familiar.” Who’s he kidding?  Suicide bombers and terrorists don’t come out of Jewish temples or Catholic churches. They are part of the stone and rugs of mosques where most conspiracies start.


Trying to solicit Muslims, Obama said, “You fit in here. Right here. You’re not Muslim or American. You’re Muslim and American.”


I don’t know. I don’t think Muslims who honor kill their wives are Americans.


Muslims have to earn American citizenship through their behavior, not the prejudiced opinion of a failed president.


And now Obama is allowing Syrian Muslims to come to America. They are fresh from the killing fields of Syria and Iraq.  He considers this humane. There is nothing humane about letting your own people be killed for the sake of foreign Muslims.

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