Liberals Hate Trump for NOT Starting War with North Korea [VIDEO]

The media constantly gave us warnings of the president starting war via Twitter, but now Rachel Maddow is upset at peace.

So all the warnings about Donald Trump starting war with North Korea are now proven wrong. Yet, Rachel Maddow is angry about it!

It seems that Maddow can’t forgive Trump for not starting World War III. Instead, he is trying an unprecedented pathway to a peaceful solution. If it works, Trump will be remembered as a foreign policy genius. Maddow fears that!

NewsBusters reports, “Maddow Seethes Over Trump Leading Possible Peace Talks With North Korea.

Maddow whined about how Trump wasn’t doing what most presidents and even most people would do in approaching the situation. “I think a lot of people probably suspect tonight that those are not the kinds of questions that this president asked himself before agreeing to this meeting,” she said. “But this is the president we have and he said yes to North Korea.”

But meanwhile, this is the same MSNBC journalist that fawned over President Obama for the Iran nuclear deal. “[It’s] the major foreign policy achievement, not only of this presidency, but of this American generation,” she obnoxiously declared at the time. Maddow also gushed about how Obama had reached out to the dictatorial government of Cuba.

The MSNBC host was joined, via phone, by NBC National Security and Military reporter Courtney Kube and questioned her about what kind of problems Trump could cause and who in the “national security establishment” would stand up to him.

“It’s definitely risky,” Kube said, stating the obvious.

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