Liberals Float Idea of Forgiving Low-Level Criminal Activity because… Why Not?



The NY Post on Feb. 11th cites that City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Vivirito will be erasing more than 700,000 warrants for low-level crimes.  The exonerations will be going to “disorderly conduct, breaking park rules, idling a vehicle, creating unreasonable noise and littering.” Also boozing in public and public urination will be forgiven.


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Is Vivirito kidding?  Are these messy infractions which she defends contributive to a utopian, beautiful society? Do they make the city better?


Does Vivirito think we will have more respect for New York when dogs piss on our pants or people scream through the night and keep us awake?


Is her vision of NY progressive? No, it’s regressive to primitive times.


And de Blasio in his effort to change the morals of the greatest city in the world is now marching with the gays at the St. Patrick Day Parade. Instead of celebrating heterosexuality he wants to praise homosexuality.


Is this the accomplishment of his great free thought? Free because it is non-existent and intellectually barren.


The leaders of our city are so rabid to get votes and the acceptance of all anomalous organizations that they are flushing New York down the toilet.


When you sacrifice the consistent solidity of a proper society for the irrelevant diversity of a chaotic society you create a stupid country rather than a liberal paradise.

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