Liberals Explode when they Find Out What the Duggars did for Christmas!

This Christmas, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar gave their 16-year old son Jedidiah something he has wanted for quite a while… a shotgun. Many folks were happy for good old Jedidiah that his parents were able to get him such a generous gift, but not liberals. Liberals were downright incensed by the idea that the Duggars might give their son a gun as a gift!

Here’s Jedidiah with his new gun.



After posting the picture to Facebook, the Duggars were inundated with anti-gun left wing propaganda that attempted to demonize and humiliate the family. Here are two of the least offensive comments made towards the sweet family.

“Oh dear. Only in America is it appropriate to give a kid a gun for Christmas.”

“This is so disgusting. This shows what is wrong with America nowadays.”

First of all, I don’t understand the “inappropriateness” of the gift. Generally at Christmas we like to give gifts that people want – and Jedediah wanted a shotgun. Secondly, it’s not as if Jedediah will be using this gift to commit crimes, so I’m not sure why it’s upsetting that his parents would buy it for him.

Third, if this picture of a happy, healthy, loved, law abiding child of an upstanding family is “what is wrong with America nowadays,” then things would be great. They’re not.

What is wrong with America “nowadays” is that people like the commenters above are more concerned with law abiding gun owners and anti-tax protesters than they are with the criminal elements who are actually doing damage to our country!

When Michael Brown gets more support after committing a crime than Jedidiah Duggar does after getting a Christmas present… something in our society has indeed gone terribly wrong.

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