Liberals Defend Islam but then Muslim Men Shoot a Homosexual as he Exits a Gay Club


A couple of questions here…

What happened to the idea that Australia’s love affair with gun control had ended violent gun crime?

What happened to the narrative of Islam being a religion of peace and most Muslims safely mingling with the general population?

The irony of it all is that throughout Western Civilization (think Europe, North America and Australia), it is the liberals who push and push to increase Muslim migration to our nations. And yet, it is the liberals who the devout Muslim (or extremist) truly hates the most.

Think of it.

The LGBT activist in a Muslim nation would be thrown off of a building or stoned in their town square. The liberal pacifist protester would be arrested and left to rot in a dungeon as a political prisoner. The liberal immigration activist would also be in prison and illegal immigrants would cease to be a problem, because the Muslim authorities would stop the practice with an iron fist.

None of this matters to the liberal activist in the West; still they continue to advocate for ever greater levels of Muslim migration, consequences be damned.

Well, here in Australia one homosexual man learned the consequences of these disastrous liberal policies first hand.

The two violent Muslim attackers were arrested and will face Australian justice, but I have a feeling that this won’t be the last such attack on Western soil. Already, throughout Europe, the non-Muslim populations are facing the terrible consequences of the massive flood of Muslim migration. Sexual assaults, rapes and violent attacks have risen exponentially in recent months, and the people of Europe live in fear for their safety.

These fears have led to a surge in popularity of anti-immigration parties in Europe, and a wave of anti-Muslim protests is beginning to break across the continent. If our politicians won’t take their job of defending the people seriously, then the people will rise up to defend themselves.


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