How Liberals Copied the Nazi Weapons Law

Fruit of a Poisoned Tree: How Liberals Copied the Nazi Weapons Law


“The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere, and everywhere, restrains evil interference.”  —George Washington


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King’s Vision of Equal Access to Civil Rights & Economic Opportunities

Martin Luther King believed in the Bill of Rights and fought for a colorblind civil society of equal opportunity for all.  King wanted all Americans, regardless of race, to enjoy these blessings.  He did not wish to bless people differently.  King blessed the idea of equal rights, not equal results.  He was far from a believer in Social Justice, which, at its core, treats people differently in an effort to guarantee equal results.  Social Justice actually causes the unfortunate byproduct of holding back high achievers of all colors.  It promotes envy of what others have worked hard for and rewards sloth, one of the Seven Deadly Sins.  Dr. King was a reverend, not one to promote such sins as envy and sloth.

King believed in every civil right enshrined in the Constitution; he prosecuted the First Amendment with ferocity and showed racist tyranny for what it was, as local governments used dogs and fire-hoses to thwart freedom protestors’ right peaceably to assemble.  King also enjoyed his civil right to keep and bear arms, under the Second Amendment.  He protected his family by maintaining his own personal arsenal at home, and he encouraged the Freedom Riders to arm themselves for their own protection as well.

gun control2King would have strongly disapproved of President Obama’s dictatorial executive actions and his attacks on Americans’ civil rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  But, then again, King was a devout Christian, and not a doctrinaire Muslim as President Obama is.

A Very Peculiar Senator

It is well-known by now that the US Senator mainly responsible for promoting victim disarmament in America drafted the Gun Control Act of 1968 based upon a Nazi law he had translated for himself personally by Dr. William Solyom-Fekete of the Library of Congress.  Senator Thomas J. Dodd (D-CT) wanted to pass victim-disarmament legislation that would have the effect of diminishing the self-defense rights of Americans.  His idea of how best to accomplish this was to adapt the Nazi Weapons Law of 1938, of which he had become aware while prosecuting war criminals in Nuremburg, after World War Two.  Who better than Hitler’s National Socialists to learn from, when it came to disarming victims?

Fascism Blossoms in America

Members of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership discovered and presented hard evidence more than two decades ago indicating that the Nazi Weapons Law, passed on March 18, 1938, was the seed which grew into the US Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA ’68).  Adolf Hitler signed the Nazi Weapons Law, and his Gestapo (Secret State Police) enforced it.

In public shooting after public shooting, people’s lives are destroyed because their obedience to Nazi-inspired victim-disarmament laws does not ensure the adherence of madmen to those same laws.   This makes gun-free zones some of the most dangerous places on earth.  In the Aurora, Colorado, slayings, the Batman-shooter had eight theaters near his home to choose from; he chose the only one that banned concealed-carry within its precincts.

Hitler’s Revenge

gun controlThe Greatest Generation fought Hitler and Nazi fascism in order to keep America free.  They did not intend for Americans to suffer the tyranny of a Nazi victim-disarmament law here at home, as the ironic result of their having won a war against Nazi war criminals that ended in a trial against the atrocities they committed while aided by such a law.

The Nazi law classified weapons, so the government could decide what types of weaponry gun owners could own.  For example, Hitler classified some guns as acceptable “hunting weapons,” an idea which then found its way into the GCA ’68 as “sporting purposes.”  But the GCA ’68 will not define what guns fit that category, thus granting enormous power to the unelected bureaucratic Leviathan to make those determinations.

The Nazi Weapons Law forced all gun owners to register their weapons, thus ensuring that the most powerful criminals of all time would know exactly where to go to seize those weapons.  Nobody on Adolf Hitler’s private enemies list was spared gun confiscation.

Handguns came under strict controls, for the first time in history, a poisonous gift of Hitler to the ages.  The Nazis created “handgun control,” and now the English and the Australians are forced to live under this Nazi-invented type of victim-disarmament law, giving Hitler the final victory.  The murder rate in England immediately increased 43% upon the passing of this fascist act in England.  The victims murdered under this new law, ironically, can easily be counted as late victims of Adolf Hitler.

Firearm Ownership Safeguards the People against Tyranny

Under the Nazis, firearms ownership was restricted to party members and those who were deemed to be “reliable”—certainly not to include Jews.  In modern-day America, Obama is doing all he can to curb gun ownership—except when it comes to members of the Democrat-Party-controlled bureaucracy.  Obama is arming members of the bureaucracy—even to include members of FEMA and the IRS—sowing the seeds of tyranny and oppression.

The Nazi Weapons Law of 1938, prepared the way for the Nazi genocide against the Jews, the Gypsies, homosexuals, and millions of others, since this law disarmed potential victims.  Is the GCA ’68 really something Americans want to keep on the books, especially now that we know the propensity of at least one US president to keep an enemies list of his own?

Find Out More

For an in-depth study of this issue, please reference the following work, published by the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO): “Gun Control”: Gateway to Tyranny: Proof That the US Gun Law Has Nazi Roots: the Nazi Weapons Law Compared Side-by-Side with the US Gun Control Act of 1968, by Aaron Zelman & Richard Stevens

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