Liberals Call for Comey to Resign, Trump Fires Comey, Liberals Outraged

Liberals have been blaming FBI Director James Comey for Hillary’s election loss ever since she lost. Hillary said that if the election had been held the day before Comey made his big announcement in October, she would have won.

It was all Comey’s fault that she lost, because his announcement that the investigation into Hillary’s email issue had been reopened supposedly caused on-the-fence voters to vote for Trump or otherwise not vote at all.

Ever since Hillary lost, liberals have been calling for Comey’s head.

Well, they finally got their wish. Trump – at the advice of the Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein – terminated Comey’s employment at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, citing Comey’s mishandling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

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But liberals are still outraged. Even though they were the ones who wanted him fired, now they’re saying that Trump only fired him because of the investigation into Russia and Trump. While Comey has acknowledged that Trump may at some point find himself to be the target of such an investigation, he has stated that the President is not currently under investigation.

Here’s the President’s letter to [former] FBI Director James Comey:

Even though the AG and the deputy AG cited Comey’s mishandling of the investigation into Hillary’s emails and Comey’s subsequent misstatements during his recent testimony as reasons for the dismissal, liberals are claiming that this is all about Russia. Because everything is about Russia. And global warming.

According to sources, both the deputy AG and the AG had approached Comey after his testimony and advised him to resign. But he didn’t. So they advised the President to fire him.

From LifeZette:

“I think the question you also have to ask [is] was this a coup or a firing?” CNN political analyst Gloria Borger asked. “Or both? Because it seems to me that there was a lot of consultation here.”

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin blasted Trump, comparing the move to the so-called “Saturday Night Massacre” when then-President Richard Nixon fired Watergate-era special prosecutor Archibald Cox.

“It is a grotesque abuse of power by the president of the United States,” he said. “This is the kind of thing that goes on in non-democracies, that when there is an investigation that reaches near the president of the United States, or the leader of a non-democracy, they fire the people who are in charge of the investigation.”

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