Liberals Brawl Over Which Candidate – Hillary or Bernie – is Better!


Liberal supporters of “Bernie” [score]Bernard Sanders[/score] (I-VT) and Hillary Clinton brawled over which of their candidates was the better choice for the Democrat Party. Bernie Sanders supporter and liberal talk radio host Ed Schultz went toe-to-toe with Hillary Clinton’s biggest fan, David Brock, (who also founded the horribly leftist media watchdog Media Matters) over which of their candidates was the bee’s knees.

It’s entertaining (and sad) to watch liberals bicker over who would be better at destroying our country.

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David Brock: After New Hampshire, he said we’re going to have a debate on the issues and we’re going to stay positive. And you saw a relentless negative barrage from the candidate, from his surrogates, present company expected, but you had Cornel West out there talking about Hillary as having no morality and being a Wall Street corporatist, and Senator Sanders not being called on the carpet to say whether he agrees with that or not.

And I think Tad Devine and others are making a big mistake for the Sanders brand here. And so let’s let the race go on, but let’s make it more positive, let’s make it more constructive…

They’re doing the Republicans’ work for them.

Ed Schultz: What about the super PAC work you have done against Bernie Sanders?

David Brock: I’m happy to talk about it. Look, we’re vetting the candidate. We are vetting the candidate. 

Ed Schultz: The hedge funds on Wall Street that support fracking, and Hillary Clinton says…

David Brock: This is exactly what I’m talking about. We’re doing the Republicans’ work for them. It’s right out of the Republican playbook.

The Republicans… spending millions of dollars with that message. So did President Obama.

Ed Schultz: Where does she stand on Keystone? These are reverses after Bernie got into the race, and you know that. 

David Brock: Can I get a word in here? 

Ed Schultz: No, you can’t, because I’m going to make a point here. 

If Hillary Clinton is against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, why isn’t she lobbying against it in the United States Senate? Why doesn’t she pick up all the phones and call these people in the Senate who are endorsing her and say, you know what, we have to defeat TPP, this is bad for American jobs? She’s not doing that.

The only reason why she’s against it is because Bernie is against it. 

Brian Stelter: David, go ahead.

David Brock: I don’t think that’s fair at all.

I think, look, Senator Clinton has been and Secretary Clinton has been the real progressive champion in this race. On these trade issues, she wants that to be fair for American workers. And that’s been her position.

Now, the only one who has really moved as a result of this race is Senator Sanders flip-flopping on the gun issue, where he supported the biggest special interest vote in the United States Senate for the gun immunity loophole. And he’s backed off on that.

Senator Clinton has been — Secretary Clinton has been totally consistent. And on Wall Street, she’s got a tougher plan. Every liberal columnist and expert has said it’s a tougher plan.

Ed Schultz: Then release the transcripts

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