Liberals Aghast When Republicans say “Islam Hates Us”



Jake Tapper challenged Donald Trump for saying, “Islam hates us.” Is he kidding?  They’ve been killing people all over the world like it is some sort of death carnival.


Does Tapper think that Muslims can behead us and burn us in cages without hating us? Are these friendly killings?


Tapper then asked Trump, “Did you mean all 1.6 billion Muslims.” Is Tapper an idiot? Even if one per cent of anti-licentious Muslims hate us that’s 1.6 million Muslims who are willing to kill us.


Tapper’s mocking this just makes us more susceptible to death by Muslims. He makes us less vigilant.


Later Anderson Cooper questioned Trump’s obvious truth.  Muslims hate us.  They kill us.  They rape and dominate their women.  They are prehistoric and stupid.


Trump wisely said that we bar all Muslim tourists and immigrants until the “hatred” in the religion is figured out. He sensibly made the statement after the killings in Paris and San Bernardino.


Trump never said that all Muslims are bad but that enough of them are that we have to properly vet them.  Fairness to Muslims is unfairness to ourselves.


Prejudice is wise distinction not hatred.  It is decisiveness.


Muslims are known to be conservative, rigid and hating of liberal Christians.  Obama stupidly thinks mistreatment of Muslims in Gitmo make them want to kill us.  What makes them want to kill us is pornography and feminism. It is our niceness not our minor cruelties.

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