Liberalism’s Failure

To be a traitor to yourself is to be a failure that deals down civilization.

Liberalism’s Failure


I find that liberalism  is a failure to make judgments and stubborn misunderstanding.

It is saying nice things in order to feel correct but finding that the gracious comments lead to death.

Liberals are proud about their pride in self-destructive behavior and side with their enemies in the hopes of self-immolation.

Light yourself up with a match if you want to be the bearer of good tidings which turn out to be the end of the end in a self-destructive wave.

The thing about liberal ideas is that they sound so good while they peck bird-like at the eyes of God.

I am conservative because I have a tradition of not hurting my neighbor.

I balance the scales of justice by sitting on them with both legs spread akimbo.

I put my Jewish card back in the deck because my people side with their enemies because they are afraid to stand up for what is right.

To be a traitor to yourself is to be a failure that deals down civilization.

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