Liberalism Says It Is Obvious We Can’t Jail Criminals

They have essentially ruled that trying to jail criminals is racist; we should deal with criminals through conversation.

Why is it obvious that to jail criminals won’t help Baltimore’s severe crime problem? According to Dr. Sosena Kebede in the Baltimore Sun, “Baltimore can’t jail its way out of juvenile crime crisis.” By “juvenile,” Kebede means black. She states that it “seems obvious” that jailing criminals won’t work.

That’s not an argument.

The implied argument is that we tried to “jail our way out” of crime in the past and it has been a failure. But she cites no evidence.

The editorial basically tells law-abiding citizens in Baltimore to flee the city because the police aren’t going to [be allowed to?] help.

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How did we get here in the first place, and why are things escalating now? How did 13-,14-,15- year old kids become hardened criminals with no fear of consequences or even fear of harm to themselves? These are complicated questions that are laced with highly charged historical, socio-economic and racial undertones that we all would rather avoid. What seems obvious though is that this city cannot incarcerate its way out of the juvenile criminal disaster in which it finds itself.

When juveniles from urban areas commit crimes in predominantly affluent neighborhoods there is a clear “us versus them” dichotomy that is often starkly demarcated by race and economic power. One group is alien to the other at best, an adversary of sorts at worst. As difficult as it is to feel compassion for kids who without a trace of empathy beat elderly women or shoot bystanders, can we see communities who are victims of juvenile crimes directly engaging the perpetrators in a conversation — if nothing else to bring awareness to our shared humanity? […] Perhaps one of the greatest services the police can do for this city is to bring about a safe venue where such engagements are encouraged and facilitated.

No, the greatest services the police can do is find and catch and jail those who remorselessly beat down elderly women and other victims. Kebede’s plan basically punishes law-abiding African Americans who are left with the criminals as neighbors.

Donald Trump had better sense about how to help the black community along with everyone else.

Read the entire editorial.

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