Liberal Suggests Dick Cheney takes Sadistic Pleasure Torturing Enemies

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was talking out both sides of his mouth (again), this time suggesting first that Dick Cheney takes some kind of sadistic pleasure in torturing our enemies and then saying that whether or not we torture has no bearing on Al Qaeda.

Chris Matthews: OK, let me ask you a question. Do you trust a guy like Dick Cheney to make the call? When we torture? And how we do it? Do you trust him?

Michael Steele: He’s vice president. If he’s authorized by the president or if he’s authorized within the system, yeah. Why wouldn’t you?

Chris Matthews: Because I think some people are a little more eager–

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Michael Steele: Who else has the authority, Chris?!

Chris Matthews: — some people are a little more eager to torture than others. I honestly think that.

Michael Steele: That’s a personal judgment, you’re —

Chris Matthews: It is my personal judgment! I have to make a judgment on it.



However, later in the conversation Matthews tries to play off the situation like he’s some kind of centrist by saying that he sees both sides and thinks it’s crazy that some liberals think if we don’t torture our enemies won’t torture either.

“I’m so much in the middle of this one. I like the values of Joan,” said a hedging Matthews. “But if anybody thinks us not torturing people is going to stop al-Qaida from torturing people, you’re living in a crazy world. They don’t look at the Geneva Convention…”



This is the same kind of double-mindedness that has infested the Obama administration over the last 6 years. I won’t even argue the merits of either side right now, but when you talk one way and act another, people stop trusting you. They stop believing you. And then they act accordingly.

This is why Russia has been so aggressive. This is why Iran and Syria have essentially IGNORED President Obama’s overtures. This is why China has been so willing to act like we don’t even exist from a foreign policy standpoint. President Obama (and the entire modern Democrat Party) is double-minded and confused when it comes to foreign policy. They want to speak like liberal utopians while acting more like squishy neocons. It doesn’t work, it cannot work.

Our world desperately needs our leaders to begin acting decisively and with conviction. They do not need to be aggressive or abusive with other nations – but they need to evince a cohesive foreign policy plan and then follow through. The world needs us to be consistent and to be sure… for the last 6+ years we’ve been inconsistent and weak. It has to stop. For our sake and for the sake of the entire planet.

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