Liberal Speaks Out Against Islam – Other Liberals Attack and Shun Him

Bill Maher is not someone I like. I despise his attacks on conservatism and abhor his vitriol against Christianity. I disagree with Bill Maher on ALMOST everything…

And then there is Islam.

For years, Bill Maher has been admonishing and exhorting liberals to become more liberal about Islam. He cannot understand how liberals in America have become the defenders of worldwide Islam, and neither can I.

Here’s an example of what Maher has been up against in his fight to get liberals to act like liberals when it comes to Islam. This segment was big news a few weeks ago because Ben Affleck grew so heated at the very thought that Islam might be a bad thing generally…

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(Big Warning – this is HBO and the language is NOT safe for all ears.)


Maher’s message hasn’t changed over the years, but perhaps because of the new rise of Islamic terrorism that has occurred under President Obama’s watch, liberals are more aware of it? Liberals feel that any criticism of liberal leaders is sacrilegious, especially when liberal policies are being battered in the public arena.

So, while Maher could get away with his attacks on Islam last year, this year liberal advocates are not in a forgiving mood.

Maher was supposed to be speaking at the fall commencement at the University of California in Berkeley, but that may not happen now. Two Muslim students have begun circulating a petition demanding that the University rescind their invitation to Maher immediately.

“Bill Maher is a blatant bigot and racist who has no respect for the values UC Berkeley students and administration stand for,” reads the petition created by student senator Marium Navid and Khwaja Ahmed, a member of the Middle Eastern, Muslim and South Asian Coalition…

“In a time where climate is a priority for all on campus, we cannot invite an individual who himself perpetuates a dangerous learning environment,” the petition reads.


This is the central tenet of liberalism today. “If you don’t agree with most of us – we will force you to shut up.”

What Bill Maher and other liberals need to start understanding is that if liberals get their way and rid the world of us conservatives… they’ll find someone else who needs to be conformed to their “perfect” form. That means liberals like Maher who don’t agree completely with the liberal consensus will be the next to face their wrath.

Maher may just be beginning to understand what conservatives have known for years – liberals are only in favor of free speech when that speech is in complete agreement with them.

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