Liberal Socialists are Ruining New York City



De Blasio is trying so hard to be good and spread the illusion of equality that he is ruining New York City. He reminds me of Obama.  Good intentions pave the highway to hell and cover up the individual’s self- hatred.


De Blasio pretends that he is trying to save horses by setting their drivers up to lose their jobs and sending the horses to the glue factory.


De Blasio disparages cops in order to pretend that he Is on the side of the people while he is actually killing them by removing the protection of the police.


In his push for equality he has increased the number of homeless.  He has thrown them into the streets rather than given them a fair share.


He has pushed his national image while revealing himself to be a stupid, national cliché of sick socialism. Why would such an ugly, oversized man think that he should have a national image? Doesn’t he ever see the failure in the mirror? He should hide.


He has fought charter schools in order to make unequal equal and cater to the dummy schools. He has turned excellence into failure. His ambition is in reverse.


His subways are the worst they’ve ever been. Crowds everywhere. Fondling prevalent. Rapes and murders.


De Blasio has diminished the grandeur that was New York. It is the decline and fall of our great city. Instead of a splendid atmosphere he has turned New York into a slum where there is more interest in sameness than in vertical grandness.


We might as well lay our skyscrapers on their sides.  Height is for the ambitious not the lateral dolts.


De Blasio thinks he is good but everything has fallen apart under him.  Death be not proud.  It is the result of a dimwitted mayor who is turning us into ugly zombies.  The soul of the city is dead even though the corpses are still walking.

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