Liberal Site on Podesta Emails: Nothing to See Here…Except his RISOTTO RECIPE

From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

The most interesting thing in WikiLeaks’ massive dump of John Podesta emails is his risotto recipe. At least, that’s the conclusion of, which has written an article about it while otherwise almost completely ignoring the leak.

Vox says there is “nothing outright scandalous” in the trove of over 5,000 emails, despite evidence of a Vice President Joe Biden backstabmedia collusion with the campaign, and severe ridicule directed at devout Catholics. So, instead of writing about any of those things, Vox published a piece on an email which reveals Podesta’s personal recipe for risotto.

“Buried deep in the email trove is another critically valuable nugget of information: John Podesta’s secret to making superb risotto,” Vox writer Zachary Crockett says, noting his use of a “slower add process” to remove starch from the rice and ensure a creamy consistency.

But this is no puff piece. Crockett notes that Podesta’s technique is of dubious value.

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“It should be noted that Podesta’s ‘slower add process’ risotto technique does not come without its share of controversy,” he says. “Food science writer J. Kenji López-Alt has debunked this in the past: By cooking rice in a wider, shallower skillet, he claims, you can ‘get perfect results by adding the rice and almost all of the liquid at once.’”

Vox isn’t alone in giving short shrift to the WikiLeaks dump. Several major outlets like The New York Times and The Washington Post have written very few articles about it, and have labeled Clinton’s campaign “reasonable” when they deign to do so.

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