Liberal says Higher Taxes are Better for the Economy

The insanity of liberals knows no bounds. Paul Waldman writes for American Prospect. His latest blog post argues that conservatives don’t support tax cuts because they help the economy grow. “The real source of the conservative support for tax cuts is moral, not practical. They believe that taxes are inherently immoral — the government stealing from you the fruits of your labor (or inheritance or wise investments, as the case may be) to enact its nefarious schemes.”

One would think that stealing from people would be condemned.

It’s the liberal belief that the government is better equipped to spend the money that people work to earn. Money taken and spent by governments is on a higher moral plane.

Liberals contend that governments are best suited to govern almost everything, and as a result, taxes are needed to fund these programs. Obviously, this means that millions of people are going to get money they did not earn, and these wealth transfer programs keep growing.

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In order to bolster his argument that tax cuts are counterproductive, Waldman points to the tax cutting policies of Kansas governor Sam Brownback.
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