Liberal Reporter Berates Ted Cruz on Islamophobia, his Response is Perfect

Republican presidential candidate and Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX) made his way into the lion’s den on Wednesday to discuss his proposal to enforce stricter policing in American Muslim communities. He had to know that he was entering hostile territory, but Cruz did it anyway, working hard to get his message out to people who may not normally hear him. Immediately he was ambushed with the absurd comments from New York City’s liberal police chief, Bill Bratton, who recently said that Cruz didn’t know what “the hell” he was talking about. (This is the same Bill Bratton who has presided over a big spike in violent crime during his time as New York City’s top cop.)

Cruz responded by saying it would be surprise if Bratton (a liberal lapdog) did not speak out against him, but it’s after this first exchange where things got really interesting. The obvious bias of the CBS morning hosts begins to show as they attacked Senator Cruz from multiple angles. However, the Texas conservative ably beats back each of their spurious attacks using facts, logic and reason.

Partial Transcript from Newsbusters:

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Ted Cruz: Yesterday, we saw a horrific terror attack in Brussels. And our prayers this morning are with the families of those murdered, of those wounded. But what is important is that was not a lone wolf. It wasn’t an isolated attack. It was radical Islamic terrorism. It was ISIS has declared jihad and is waging war on us. And resident Obama and Hillary Clinton and sadly, mayor de Blasio, the elected Democrats are so bound up by political correctness they refuse to utter the words radical Islamic terror terrorism and they refuse to be serious to defeat it. 

Charlie Rose: But the point is, you’re suggesting that they could focus on Muslim neighborhoods more than any other neighborhood. 

Ted Cruz: Look. New York City, under Mayor Bloomberg, had a program that focused on worked proactively with the Muslim community to stop radicalization, to prevent attacks from radical Islamic terrorism before they occur. Now what happened, Mayor de Blasio came in and decided political correctness mattered more than keeping people safe. He disbanded the program. If you’re concerned with gang violence, gang violence is a real problem in a lot of places across the country. What does law enforcement do with proactive policing? You go into the neighborhood where gang violence is a problem and you work proactively to get the gang members off the street. And by the way, the people you are protecting are the residents of those communities who are typically the victims. With gang violence, it is often African-Americans and Hispanics and low-income Americans often the victims of those violence. By having a serious police presence there, you’re protecting those communities. The same is true in the Muslim community where radical islamic terrorism don’t murder just Christians and Jews, murder other Muslims as well. And we need to fight and defeat radical Islamic terrorism. 

Norah O’Donnell: Senator, you know that surveillance program was in effect in New York. It has been disbanded as you mentioned. You also know it didn’t lead to any leads any intelligence tips. They said it didn’t work. It didn’t work.  

notislamophoicTed Cruz: It is true that the de Blasio political henchmen say that. It is also true that the NYPD said it provided valuable intelligence. And I’ll tell you, as I travel the city of New York and as I travel the country, police officers, over and over again, stop me and they say, “Thank you for standing up and having my back.” You know, there was a moment here in New York —  

Norah O’Donnell: This raises a lot of civil liberty concerns. Let me ask you, how many Muslims are in America? 

Ted Cruz: I don’t know the number off the top of my head. 

Norah O’Donnell: So, you’re saying that law enforcement should surveil Muslims and you don’t even know how many Muslims there are in America? There are three million Muslims in America. Law enforcement is overwhelmed. 

Ted Cruz: So, you’re saying we can’t defeat radical Islamic terror?  

Norah O’Donnell: We have a chief of police, one of the most well-respected chiefs of police, who was here earlier who said there are no Muslim neighborhoods. It’s not like Europe. It doesn’t exist that way. It’s impractical what you’re suggesting. Also, it doesn’t suggest it would lead to anything. It’s more of a political point that you’re making.  

Ted Cruz: Norah, actually you brought up Europe and it’s a good example. If you look at the attack in Brussels, it’s a direct result of the failed immigration policies in Europe that have allowed vast numbers of radical Islamic terrorists to come to Europe and they have been ghetto-ized in neighborhoods that have become isolated, that have become separate and they become incubators for radical Islamic terrorism. 

noislamNorah O’Donnell: I don’t disagree. That is not a similar problem that we have in the United States. 

Ted Cruz: Of course, it is. There are communities in America —  

Norah O’Donnell: Name one community and one city where we have a large group of radicalized Muslims. 

Ted Cruz: You have communities — you have communities, for example, in Minnesota. You have communities in Michigan with heavy concentration and you have incidents of radical imams preaching Jihadism, preaching Islamism.  

Gayle King: How about this point of view: There are so many people that say that your comments are decidedly anti-Muslim and that you’re playing right into the hands of ISIS, that you’re giving them ammunition to come after us, to really take action against us, that you’re just teeing it up for people to come after us. 

Ted Cruz: Gayle, with all respect, people are fed up with the political correctness of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, where following the Paris attacks, following San Bernardino and, no doubt, following Brussels, President Obama goes on TV. He will not say radical Islamic terrorism. Instead, he lectures Americans on Islamophobism. Islamism is a political and theocratic philosophy that commands its adherence to wage violent jihad to murder infidels, which they define as everyone else.  

Gayle King: But you’re painting one community with one brush. That’s the problem. 

Ted Cruz: No, I’m not. There is a difference between Islam and Islamism. Islamism commands that you either murder the infidels or you forcibly convert them. You wage jihad. And here is the consequence of President Obama and Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blasio refusing to acknowledge what we are fighting. You end up with policies that don’t keep us safe. So, for example, President Obama and Hillary Clinton both still support bringing tens of thousands of Syrian Muslim refuges to America. That is despite the fact that ISIS has said they intend to infiltrate those refugees with jihadists that are here to murder us. And despite the fact that the head of the FBI, James Comey, who was appointed by Barack Obama, said they cannot vet those refuges to make sure they are not ISIS terrorists. The first obligation of the President as commander in chief should be to keep America safe. And I tell you this, I will apologize to nobody for how vigorous I will be as a president fighting radical Islamic terrorism, defeating ISIS and keeping America safe. 

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