Liberal Pundit and Democrat Pollster says Hillary’s Email Scandal is “Worse than Watergate”!


Democrat pollster and former adviser to President Jimmy Carter, Pat Caddell, made an appearance on Breitbart News radio over the weekend and made a not-so-shocking pronouncement. While talking with Breitbart News’ Stephen K. Bannon, Caddell told the host that Hillary Clinton’s email scandal was among the worst scandals our nation has ever seen. Indeed, according to Caddell, Hillary’s malfeasance was far worse than even… Watergate!

“This is the greatest scandal in the history of the United States. They all ought to be indicted. This is worse than Watergate.”

Caddell also believes that things will continue to get worse for the Clinton family before they get better.

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He believes that very soon we may be hearing that the government has finally proven that Clinton used her connections at the State Department to make herself a very wealthy woman.

“They were selling out the national interests of the United States directly to adversaries and others for money. There is just nothing that satisfies them. They are the greediest white trash I have ever seen.”

Hear the entire shocking interview from Breitbart News:

The real question is this; if even a longtime Democrat activist like Caddell can finally admit the truth – that the Clintons are obviously and blatantly corrupt criminals — how long will it take for other Democrats (the media included) to finally admit these most basic of facts?

Caddell seems confident that over the course of the next few days, weeks and months Hillary Clinton will be unmasked as a criminal and will be forced to stand trial for her crimes. I’m not as sure as he is. I believe that Hillary Clinton has committed some terrible crimes, but I also believe that the Obama administration is a corrupt cesspool where truth and honor go to die.

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