Liberal Protesters Spar With Dianne Feinstein for Not Being Liberal Enough [VIDEO]

The media has been focusing on liberal protesters at GOP town hall events to show how much everyone supposedly hates Donald Trump.

But Republicans haven’t been the only targets of liberal protesters. Breitbart reported on the latest victim of liberal ire, Senator [score]Dianne Feinstein[/score] (D-CA):

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) was heckled by activists at a town hall meeting in San Francisco on Monday. She was accused of not doing enough to stand up to the Trump administration and not being left-wing enough.

Feinstein, who turns 84 in June, was booed, jeered ,and told to retire at a meeting in her hometown of San Francisco after she rejected the idea of a “total takeover” of healthcare by the federal government.

One of the most prominent points of contention was foreign policy, as Feinstein expressed her support for Donald Trump’s recent airstrikes on the Syrian regime while describing North Korea as “the number one” problem for America.

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At one point, Feinstein paused the meeting and claimed some of the audience were “rabble-rousing.”

Dissidents also accused Feinstein of failing to stand up to Donald Trump, claiming that there is a “fascist in the White House” who is both “corrupt” and “incompetent.”

Some activists from the anti-Trump group “Indivisible” held up signs that read, “Retire Feinstein,” while protesters outside the event urged her not to run for reelection — a decision she is yet to make.

California Representative Nancy Pelosi came under similar fire from ‘Indivisible.’

When Pelosi brought up Obamacare at a town hall event a few weeks ago, she said that for three decades she supported a single-payer system, triggering boos and jeers from the crowd. Evidently, they didn’t believe her.

They want a single-payer system, and they want it now. Maybe they see Pelosi as too much of a political gradualist.

You know it’s bad when protesters are fed up with people like Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein for not being liberal enough.

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