Liberal Propaganda & the War on Truth

“In war, truth is the first casualty.”  —Aeschylus

Obama’s War on the Truth

Obama’s War on Truth is part of an organized plan to make people believe that the world is spinning out of control and that more government is required to bring order and safety.  For example, making the American public—the same broad-minded, tolerant people that elected a black president twice—believe that America is a racist nation that requires the obliteration of their freedom, in order to ensure their safety.  To get permission to do this, the Obama Administration must endeavor to scare the public into giving the state more power.

Michael Brown Never Surrendered & Never Said, “Don’t Shoot!”

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The facts testified to, before the grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, with respect to Officer Darren Wilson’s use of deadly force against Michael Brown, indicate that there was no wrongful death perpetrated against Mr. Brown.  Even black witnesses testified that Michael Brown never did raise his hands, never did utter the words “Don’t shoot,” and actually did try to take Officer Wilson’s gun.

Brown backed off only briefly, after the officer’s weapon discharged inside the police car.  And it was only after Brown began charging the officer with his head down that Wilson finally opened fire to protect himself from bodily harm, hospitalization, or death.  The liberal media world knows these facts, but they do not report them.  They choose, instead, to lie.

A High-Tech Lynching for the Police

truthThe liberal media, in collusion with the Congressional Black Caucus, have worked together as an Orwellian Ministry of Truth for President Obama and his lieutenants, Eric Holder and Al Sharpton, to turn fiction into fact, making lies appear to be the truth within their world of racially-charged propaganda reporting.  To paraphrase Clarence Thomas, from his Supreme Court confirmation hearing, they have perpetrated a high-tech lynching for the police.

Many low-information Americans have, as a result of the relentless propaganda onslaught, bought into the false narrative.  As proof of this, we have the acting out of Saint Louis Rams football players during an NFL game.  We also have every member of the Congressional Black Caucus who was called on during the course of business in the House of Representatives, December 2nd, raising their hands and saying, “hands up, don’t shoot!” before taking their turns to speak.

Thomas Sowell Weighs In

African-American economist Thomas Sowell, on the evening of December 2nd, said that the “hands up, don’t shoot” propaganda slogan, adopted by the Congressional Black Caucus, reminds him of the Big Lie Doctrine so aggressively pursued by Adolf Hitler’s propagandist-in-chief, Joseph Goebbels.

Dr. Sowell was queried by Sean Hannity with regard to the subject of the CBC’s doubling down on the “hands up, don’t shoot” fiction on Hannity’s television show on the Fox News Channel: “Why are members of Congress repeating something that they know is not true?”

“Oh, for political reasons,” replied Dr. Sowell, further adding, “I thought of Joseph Goebbels’ doctrine: People will believe any lie if it’s repeated often enough and loud enough.  They’re repeating it often enough and loud enough.  And it will pay off for them personally and politically.  People who are out to forward their political careers say and do things that have no relationship whatever to reality or to anybody else’s interests but their own.”

Obama’s Ministry of Truth: America’s Liberal Media

truth_is_the_new_hate_speechIn George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, the main character Winston Smith works at the Ministry of Truth.  It is a gigantic pyramid, upon which are written these slogans: WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.  Within the walls of the ministry, documents are being perpetually destroyed by being put down memory holes.

The Ministry of Truth is involved with news media, the entertainment industry, and educational publishing.  Its purpose is to constantly rewrite history, in much the same way the American liberal media are doing today.  For example, the liberal media have recently announced Eric Holder’s policy to end racial profiling in America.  (But, truth be told, President Bush ended profiling after 9-11, in order to ensure that no unfair profiling of American Muslims would ensue in its aftermath.)

Liberal media are rewriting history, slowly but surely.  Perhaps, one day, in collusion with a leftist government, they will begin to wipe their web sites clean of any accounts that make conservatives look good or liberals look wrong.  In Orwell’s totalitarian vision of the future, if the government predicts something, and the opposite occurs, the Ministry of Truth rewrites history, changing the prediction to match current reality and republishing entire newspapers, to replace the old copies with corrected ones in their records department.  These activities are ongoing, of course.  Any news based on current events is always more propaganda-laden than fact-bearing.

Departments of the Ministry of Truth

The following departments of the ministry are mentioned in Orwell’s book: 1) the Records Department, 2) the Fiction Department, 3) the Pornography Department, and 4) the Tele-programmes Department.  A curious fact about the Ministry of Truth is that no minister is ever mentioned who actually runs the department (much the same way no Obama secretary actually runs any department of Obama’s executive branch; they are all just figureheads with no real power whose departments are run out of the White House).

The Obama Fiction Department does actually exist as a cabal of workers in the White House who are constantly doctoring information that is fed to the liberal media.  Many observant viewers of the liberal propaganda that passes for “news reporting” these days have noticed how every “news” program uses exactly the same nomenclature for any given event.  For example, every single media outlet now refers to the hold used on Eric Garner as a “chokehold,” although he was never really choked; he, in fact, had asthma, and that is what caused his breathing difficulties—not a “chokehold.”  The use of this “chokehold” lie is uniform throughout the leftwing media, whether one be reading the New York Times or watching the NBC Nightly News.

There is not a Pornography Department, per se, but Obama makes up for this by having approved the universal use of government-issued EBT (electronic bank transfer) cards, choosing not to restrict them to legitimate food items in grocery stores, as food stamps once were.  As a result, people on welfare have actually been known to buy porn with government-issued EBT cards.

There is no formal Tele-programmes  Department, either, but conservatives in America have found TV programming less and less entertaining, as liberal messages in the scripts are being forced on viewers.  Most TV shows have references to global warming (despite the founder of the Weather Channel’s debunking of this propaganda, pointing out that the planet has been cooling for the last fifteen years and that the polar ice caps have grown 50% in the last five years), or depict gun owners as crazy and irresponsible, or perpetuate other left-leaning notions.  Also, it seems that the hero police officer is always the one who breaks a Constitutional rule (generally referred to as a “technicality”) in order to catch the bad guy, sowing the seeds of resentment with respect to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The Wholesale Discrediting of the Liberal Media

Americans are smarter than the liberal media think.  All Americans have to do is to look around themselves to know that racism is not a big problem anymore in America.  Our places of work, our grocery stores, our public parks, and our concert halls are all filled with a healthy cross-section of the American public.  And it is far from commonplace to see anybody being denigrated or devalued, due to race.

The liberal media can choose to push their narrative that America is still hopelessly racist, but most people are onto them.  And more and more Americans are simply tuning them out.

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