Liberal Politicians are Destroying New York City



The liberal, progressive stooge politicians in New York are trying to tear the city down. They are ugly people inside and they want to spread their disgust across the streets of our city.


It seems that City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito does not care about maintaining New York’s magnificence. She and De Blasio are pushing along the decline and the fall of the empire of New York. 


We are their personal-pocket Rome’s. They  want to burn us up.  They are clownish Nero’s fiddling when degeneracy strikes matches on the stone facades of buildings.  


Perhaps Melissa Mark-Viverito is incontinent.  She defends the rights of bums to piss in the streets and spit. I’m not sure how she feels about bowel movements. But she does want to decriminalize these gross habits.


Melissa  wants to turn New York into the slum of her values and the chaotic disorder of her simple, sloppy mind. Bully for her that she has empathy for degenerates.  But why does she have to stick their littering in our faces and their noises in ears, keeping us up most of the nights?


Melissa Mark-Viverito would rather see bums comfortable than build a city of grandeur and comfort for the general population.


She’d rather seat the downtrodden on our heads so that our once beautiful city falls into its own neglect and ruins.


Melissa is liberal.  Liberals are Melissa. There is a congruency in failure of generous intentions that turn into a load of sh-t on our heads.


Spare us from back stabbing liberals.  Put the metal vest of values and traditions on our backs. Douse us in water so that we don’t burn in their moral turpitude. 

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