Liberal Political Activist is Wildly Uninformed

See, this is the problem we face. Our opponents are completely ignorant of even the most basic truths, facts and issues dealing with the way our country should run.

Lizz Winstead is one of those progressive female “leaders” that MSNBC loves. She’s a comedienne and a writer, so obviously talented and quick-witted… generally the perfect kind of commenter for our sound bite world. Sure, she doesn’t stack up intellectually to people like Thomas Sowell, George Will or John Stossel, but hey, she’s “funny” and she’s a liberal. So MSNBC Loves her.

The problem is, she’s kind of a one-trick pony. She only thinks about feminist issues – usually dealing with reproduction. So when you ask her about anything else… she sounds like the idiot “man on the street” pieces that Leno and Letterman do.

Case in point – in a recent appearance on MSNBC, Winstead was asked why Wendy Davis was losing her bid for Governor of Texas so badly. Winstead’s response?

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 “I think, part of it is redistriciting…”

Anyone who thinks for even two seconds should be able to understand why “redistricting” has NOTHING to do with a statewide election. But not Winstead…

Redistricting only effects elections within a district – meaning “local” elections and elections for your representatives. However, redistricting has no effect whatsoever on statewide or national elections!


Here’s how Noah Rothman of HotAir handled this liberal “intellectual’s” ridiculous response.

First, you cannot redistrict a state. Full stop. Reapportionment refers to the decennial process by which state governments redraw their congressional and legislative districts in order to accurately reflect population movements, demographic shifts, etc. One cannot “redistrict” a state unless one was to “redirect” away the rivers and mountains which form its borders. That, or states can engage negotiations or even low intensity conflict with their neighbors (as did Michigan and Ohio when they fought, ill-advisedly, over which state would control the city of Toledo) in order to reshape their borders. Winstead is using the term “redistricting” in his case as a synonym for “things I don’t like,” which is not its preferred usage.


Ugh. I don’t know what’s worse – that this is the best liberals can do, or that we conservatives can’t seem to beat liberals when this is the best they can do.

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