Liberal Patron Saint – Not Proud to be American

Liberals are always talking about how much they value dignity, respect and other feel-good words when they are attacking conservatives. But when it comes to living out these values in their lives they become the very embodiment of hypocrisy.

For a quick example, check out how this liberal demeans and attacks one conservative mom.

Conservative mom Holly Fisher has become famous for her pro-gun, pro-Hobby Lobby, pro-America social media posts. One liberal was having none of it. After she recently posted a picture of herself holding a gun, a Bible and some Chick-fil-A all while standing in front of a Hobby Lobby – liberal haters exploded all over the internet.

For more proof of who liberals really are and what they truly believe – one needs to look no further than the patron saint of liberalism himself… Weather Underground Terrorist Bill Ayers. Ayers has become an icon of the left, even launching President Obama’s own political career from his living room! All of this in spite of the fact that he was the leader of a violent terrorist organization that killed several people and caused millions of dollars in property damage while terrorizing the country with violent bomb attacks.

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The truth is that conservatives like D’Souza believe that America is an exceptional place. We believe that our history bears that out, and while we are an imperfect people who have made grave errors along the way, we are also a community that strives to better the world in every way we can.

Liberals, on the other hand, agree with Ayers who said, “I’m not proud to be an American and I don’t buy the American exceptionalism at all.” 

That is the difference in America today. Bill Ayers and Dinesh D’Souza are the perfect example of the difference between the left and the right. If we truly desire to restore America’s greatness we must snuff out this culture of defeatism and self-deprecation that the left is breeding in our nation today. We must remind the average American that no matter what anecdotal evidence liberal anti-Americans rattle off… the truth is that we are the most fit nation to lead the free world.

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