Liberal Obamacare Architect Now Making Fun of Seniors

Maybe “making fun” is a bit harsh. The architect of Obamacare thinks at the very least that Seniors don’t do a very good job picking their healthcare. Perhaps this belief speaks to the reason that you don’t get many choices in insurance, doctors or medications under Obamacare – as anyone who has ever signed up can tell you.

The people who made the law just don’t think you are smart enough to make those choices…


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“We have experimented with choice in public insurance: Medicare Part D,” Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber said back in a 2013 presentation. “Typical senior has 50 PDPs [Prescription Drug Plans] to choose from.” The problem with all these choices is that according to Gruber, “seniors do a terrible job choosing.”

Gruber’s presentation then went on to say that 12% of seniors “picked the lowest-cost Medicare Part D plan and could on average save up to 30 percent more without noting that some seniors pick prescription drug plans that work for them that are not necessarily the cheapest possible plan.”

Gruber’s arrogant disdain really knows no bounds. The American voters are stupid, seniors can’t pick their own healthcare, John Kerry is brilliant for thinking of a way to lie to us better, Ted Kennedy is brilliant for ripping off the federal government with Romneycare, and Obama is brilliant for clouding up the issues enough to get Obamacare passed.

Seems like the only Americans that Gruber likes are liberal Democrats… I think that says a lot about the Democrat Party in general.

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