Liberal Mocks Man Beat up For Voting For Trump: ‘Oh my Goodness…Poor White People!’ [VIDEO]

Video recorded in Chicago last week showed an older white man being pulled from his vehicle and beat up by a group of people – who happened to be black – simply because he voted for Trump. In response, one liberal sarcastically noted, “Oh my goodness. Poor white people!”

Violent incidents like this have been commonplace across the U.S. ever since Hillary Clinton suffered a devastating loss in the general election. If you haven’t seen the video footage of the beating, here it is:

Some people don’t think this sort of thing is that big of a deal. One such person is Symone Sanders, who served as Bernie Sanders’s press secretary. When former U.S. Navy Seal and Trump supporter Carl Higbie brought up the Chicago incident, she laughed, saying, “Oh, my goodness. Poor white people!”

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Symone Sanders kept saying that hate crimes and protesting aren’t the same thing. Neither Higbie nor Trump ever said that they were. In fact, Higbie specifically mentioned people who were being physically violent and damaging property. When it involves those things, it ceases to be a protest, and becomes criminal.

Donald Trump had been questioned on 60 Minutes about supposed hate crimes being committed by supporters of his against Hispanics and Muslims. He called on them to stop.

Surprisingly absent was any mention of not just the “peaceful” protesters holding up signs against Trump, but all the violence committed by those who oppose Trump. I suppose they think that violence is warranted since the wrong person won.

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