Liberal Media says Conservatives have Demonized Immigrants

The “know-nothings” at MSNBC have more to say about the immigration reform debate… and of course, the whole conversation centers around how racist Republican are.

Sadly, MSNBC liberals will never understand the debate because they refuse to actually discuss the things that are really at issue. They choose instead to spin every GOP statement into some evil game of “Listen for the Dog Whistle,” and in so doing, miss the debate altogether. This is why conservative Americans feel we can’t trust the media… conversations just like this.

(Partial Transcript)

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Toure: I think there’s many reasons not to [go to the border]. The cameras are there constantly showing what’s going on there. That would be political theater that could be very disruptive to what’s actually going on there. And the real issue is not whether or not the president will go to the border for a photo op. The real issue is that Republicans are standing in the way of meaningful immigration reform and have been for decades now. And you know, it’s actually an interesting issue, actually, for the GOP because they are the party of business, giving business whatever they want. We have the farming, the restaurant–and the farming communities are saying, we want this done. Hotel business community, we want this done. But they’ve been also successful for decades using the culture wars, and especially demonizing immigrants. And those two things don’t really mesh in one party.

Eric Schneidermann: That’s right. Right now the Chamber of Commerce is absolutely in favor of comprehensive immigration reform. Lots of business groups want this. Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York, ultimate businessman politician.

Eric Schneidermann: Yeah, clearly this is how they think. I mean he brought that whole idea up. No one on the left was saying this. And so he came up with this idea it’s all about voting so you get a lens into how he’s seeing the issue which is the following way. Right after 2012 when Mitt Romney lost, the Republican Party knew they had a problem. They lost the Hispanic vote by 40 points. We all know they commissioned this autopsy report that said, what did we do wrong, we need to figure out how to do better with these voters. One of the things they came up with was we have to do better with Hispanic voters by being for comprehensive immigration reform. Well we just talked about how the fact is, they’re worried more about the far right. And so they can’t be for that. And so the problem is, how to get around this problem is an attempt to disenfranchise groups who aren’t for them. We see it with voter ID Laws. We see it here trying to deprive citizenship of Hispanic voters who they fear will be for the Democrats. He just gave away the whole game right there.
Salon’s Eric Schneidermann is a fool. He believes that Republicans are trying to “disenfranchise” people who are citizens of other countries! Earth to MSNBC – illegal immigrants are not being disenfranchised – they can go home and vote in the country where they legally reside. This is just another liberal ad hominem attack. It’s an attempt to paint Republicans who believe that the border should be secured before any amnesty happens as racists who are scared of Latinos.

It’s just not true.

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