Liberal Media Icon Bob Woodward says Democrats are Tired of Obama Too

So maybe, just maybe, this isn’t a racism thing?

I mean the Democrats are the non-racist tolerant ones, right?

So if the Democrats are tired of President Obama too… then maybe there really is a problem with the way the Obama administration is handling things?

Of course, I’m kidding.

None of the negative feelings being targeted at the President or the Democrat Party right now have anything to do with race. But it sure is nice for someone (other than Republicans) to be pointing out that Democrats don’t really like working with President Obama either.

Check out what Bob Woodward had to say about the whole situation on Sunday’s episode of CBS’ Face the Nation.



Schieffer: I’m wondering about the talk after this election, I think the President’s relations with the Democrats in the Senate may be as bad as his relations with the Republicans.

Woodward: That’s absolutely true. You get the Democrats in private, and they are on fire! Just cause he won’t spend the time, because he won’t listen. Peggy [Noonan] said yesterday in her column, and I think there is real truth here: humility is power. And after you lose, you have to come out and kind of face up to that. And there’s a whole undercurrent in the President’s approach that, well, you know, it was bad but, you know, that was worse than bad. And I think, optimistically, I think he’s capable — and as you’re suggesting — he’s capable of changing and engaging in that outreach, and he just needs to do it and kind of get out of this bubble that he seems to be living in.

Yep, nobody likes working with Obama because he’s kind of an arrogant jerk who ignores other people’s perspectives.

But it’s the Republicans who won’t “compromise”…

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