Liberal Massachusetts Politician Endorses Donald Trump!


The former Senator from Massachusetts (and Senate candidate from New Hampshire), Scott Brown, is making waves across the Internet today because of his decision to endorse Donald Trump.

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Brown’s decision has been closely guarded for days, but it was confirmed by two people familiar with the event, where Brown will appear onstage with the candidate…

Brown’s move could give Trump a significant boost one day after the mogul lost the Iowa caucuses to Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

Although Brown was defeated in his senatorial bid here, he has been a popular GOP figure in New England ever since his stunning, come-from-behind victory in Massachusetts’s special election to fill the Senate seat in 2010.

Brown is also a favorite of many establishment Republicans because of his centrist positions, including support for abortion rights and for a ban on assault weapons. 

Apparently, the two men have grown “close” over the last few months, as Trump has sought to build a relationship with the New England politician. In fact, at one point, Trump even floated Brown’s name as a possible candidate to fill the Vice President’s role under a President Trump.

When reporters previously asked Brown who he would support for President, he was noncommittal, only providing his rationale for supporting a possible candidate.

“Somebody who is not afraid to make a decision and doesn’t always follow the polls; sometimes who will be politically incorrect and will do what’s best for this country. … Someone also who is not afraid to admit when they’re wrong.”

However, the real question in all of this is… how much good will Brown’s endorsement really provide Trump?

Here’s the video of Brown’s endorsement:

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