Liberal Liars are the Opposite of Who they Pretend to Be



De Blasio collected millions from corrupt donors for his non-profits and his mayoral campaign.


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Surprise, surprise, De Blasio pretends that he is a moral vanilla Sunday.  He is a delicious dessert serving the needs of the poor.  He exudes affordable housing, soup kitchens and concern for the homeless.


De Blasio is so worried about hurting minority feelings that he refuses to stop and frisk potential criminals and would rather see innocent people killed than to inconvenience potential muggers.


And the big oaf who lives in style cries about income inequality.  In his limousine, he moans that human beings have to ride the subways but does next to nothing to stop the subway crowding or stabbings.


Preet Bharara is beginning to investigate De Blasio’s relationship with real-estate developers. Hopefully, he will examine De Blasio’s pretend love of horses and unveil his ties to their stable owners.


De Blasio is so typical of corrupt politicians.  He poses as Mr. Morality and Goody Two Shoes while he fleeces the public to his own benefit.


De Blasio is a compulsive thief who presents a moral front. He wants credit for being a good human beings while he stinks.


De Blasio uses the image of morality. The division between his image and his reality is disgusting.  He should be drummed out of office without delay.


And to think that De Blasio has now endorsed Hillary.  Two corrupt fish in the sea.  Whichever one we pull out will stink throughout the government buildings.


Trump should send both an E-mail on a private server: “You’re fired.”

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