Liberal Leader says People Who Like American Sniper are “Angry” and Probably in the Tea Party

Howard Dean is a clown, sure. But he happens to be an influential clown. He happens to be the kind of clown that has a very wide audience of people who listen when he speaks.

So when the clown prince of Vermont politics says something like –

“There’s a lot of anger in this country and the people who go see this movie are people who are very angry. And this guy basically says I’m going to fight on your side and they bite for it. I think there’s some — I bet if you looked at a cross-section of the tea party and people who go see this movie, there’s a lot of intersection.”

There are other liberals out there listening and nodding their heads in agreement.

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Dean was on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher when he made the patently ridiculous comments, which were made all the more disgusting when Maher called the heroic Chris Kyle a “psychopath patriot.”



Can we talk about this a bit?

No liberal cares when millions of people go see Saving Private Ryan or when folks flock to enjoy another Fast and Furious movie. If a director makes some grotesque torture porn, like the Hostel or Saw movies, liberals line up to shell out their cash and clap the director on the back for a job well done. What do they do when Quentin Tarantino dreams up a mocking tribute of WW II movies combined with a little satire in a film like Inglorious Bastards? They cheer the violence, they love the humor, they thrive on the mockery and they praise the “ART.”

But make a movie that sheds a positive light on a soldier… and they freak out and call everyone who supports said soldier (and movie) a monster.

I wonder if they say the same about the fabulous movie Sgt. York?

Sgt YorkIs Sgt. York (one of my all time favorite movies by the way) different than American Sniper because York was fighting ze Germans and Chris Kyle was shooting at brown people? (By the way, I’m brown, so let’s not get touchy…)

Chris Kyle may not have been fighting our enemy house to house and in close quarters, but the work he did saved many American lives (and perhaps more than a few locals). He was not a “psychopath” of any shape – but simply a well-trained soldier doing the job he was tasked to complete. It seems that in Maher’s mind every soldier must be a “psychopath patriot” if they are willing to obey their orders.

American Sniper is the most popular movie in America and to believe that only “angry” “tea party” types are going to the theater’s to see it is simply ridiculous.

The truth is that liberal Hollywood is simply offended. Their many attempts at painting the Iraq War as unjust (which it may be – that’s not my purpose to unravel here) have fallen flat, mainly because Americans had no desire to watch movies that spend their time bashing our nation and demeaning our heroes.

Movies like the Green Zone, In the Valley of Elah, Redacted and others which all paint the USA as the “bad guy” in some fashion or another all bombed at the box office. Americans just don’t care to see their nation or their military demeaned at the movies. Sorry, Hollywood. The films that take a “fairer” approach and give the USA and her soldiers the benefit of the doubt seem to do far better with the viewers.

And it’s not just conservative viewers, it’s all movie fans.

We may not agree with the wars, but the soldiers are simply doing what is required of them. If these liberal hacks like Dean and Maher don’t like it – they should elect different leaders. We live in a Democratic Republic where the leaders can be removed and replaced at regular intervals. What these ignorant men don’t realize is that US foreign policy is based upon the will of the American voter. I might not like it, they may not like it… but that is life in a Republic with Democratic values. Instead of blaming the soldiers, maybe they should blame their own ideas, which thus far have not been good enough to convince Americans to follow them.

I really dislike when liberal hacks use straw men and ad hominem arguments because their basic beliefs and ideas lack value. It’s really just sad.

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