Liberal Lawyer Fears Dangerous Precedent of ‘Criminalizing Political Differences’

Alan Dershowitz has consistently called for Democrats to apply the same rules that they use with the Clinton family, when it comes to President Trump and those in his administration.

Liberal lawyer Alan Dershowitz deserves to be praised.

In the past he has defended his friends, the Clintons. He has championed left-wing values, and he has taught those legal values to college students at the University level.

We conservatives have disparaged and attacked him for these things, and rightly so…

However, over the last year and a half (or so) he (along with his fellow leftwing law professor Jonathan Turley) has distinguished himself for his intellectual honesty, and his legal consistency.

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He has consistently called for Democrats to apply the same rules that they use with the Clinton family, when it comes to President Trump and those in his administration.

For this he has been roundly attacked on MSNBC and CNN, and by Democrat politicians.

In a now famous exchange with one of his former students, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin,  the esteemed professor was accused of “carrying water” for President Trump. Dershowitz responded to this patronizing and rude allegation by pointing out that he has remained consistent on this issue, whether talking about Hillary Clinton or about Donald Trump. Dershowitz then plunged the knife as he pushed further by arguing that it was Toobin and other liberal analysts who had shifted their position when it because it suited them politically.


In his most recent interview, Dershowitz was again banging the drum for equity and fairness when it comes to using our legal system in a political dispute. As Dershowitz explains, the Left is setting a dangerous precedent by using our justice system to undermine their political opponents. Allowing the Democrat Party to ‘criminalize our political differences’ could very well lead us into an existential crisis that would be difficult to recover from.

We should never have seen the appointment of a special counsel as the first step.

First, it should have been done at the Justice Department, an inspector general, maybe office of professional responsibility… then let us see if there is evidence of criminal conduct.

We have to make sure we never confuse political sins with federal crimes.  This is going about it the right way, in a calibrated, step by step way.

Look, the answer to having one bad appointment of a special counsel is not to have another bad appointment of a special counsel. I’m against the criminalization of political differences.

Once again, Dershowitz is right and the Democrat Party is very, very wrong.

Their use of our justice system as a means to hinder the Trump administration could have disastrous repercussions for every American citizen and the entire world.

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