Liberal Judge Swears In New Citizens Then Immediately Tells Them to Kneel During Anthem

This is how much liberals hate America. A left-wing judge in Brooklyn was seen telling a roomful of newly sworn in citizens to be sure and take a knee during the national anthem.

The story comes from the American Spectator’s George Neumayr who relays what happened recently in the courtroom of New York federal Judge LaShann Moutique DeArcy Hall.

Neumayr attended a citizenship ceremony in Brooklyn at the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York. There the writer listened as this creep judge wallowed in some of the worst, un-American antics imaginable during what should have been an all-American and joyous day.

Her full name is LaShann Moutique DeArcy Hall… and she is astonishingly obnoxious. Talk about an entitled judicial activist, whose ego is as expansive as her name.

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Her speech to the new citizens, to the extent that I could hear it, was appalling. Sounding like a Democratic Party ward boss, she urged the new citizens to vote as soon as humanly possible. She made voting sound like a tremulous act of self-defense against the country they had just joined. The exhortation, needless to say, gave off a strong anti-Republican, anti-Trump whiff.

Then she started in on some ludicrous riff about the First Amendment, encouraging the new Americans to exercise that right as robustly as possible, including by “taking a knee.” Huh?

So here we have a federal court judge, who just turned a room full of foreigners into American citizens, and her first piece of advice to them is: boycott the American flag you have just been handed. It was depressing and infuriating as hell.

In the past, a judge who dispensed such nihilistic advice to new Americans would be impeached. But nowadays almost no one in Congress cares and even fewer members would entertain an impeachment drive.

So, what about this judge with the silly name?

Naturally she is an Obama appointee.

As Neumayr aptly describes her:

A product of Howard University, which is a conveyor belt for anti-American snots who, with Andrew Cuomo, say the country “was never that great,” Judge LaShann DeArcy is exceedingly full of herself, even more than the president who appointed her. In her glib “take a knee” rhetorical pyrotechnics, she showed no respect for the country to which she has taken an oath. Her pitch was outrageously at odds with the duties of a judge. For one thing, who asked her to give a long harangue to new citizens? When did that become a routine practice? Can’t she just sign the certificates and call it a day?

Yes, this is a typical liberal. When liberals try to tell you that they love America, you know that they are liars. You simply can’t love something that you so clearly despise.

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