Liberal Judge Releases Slasher Back Into City Where He Promptly Attacks an Innocent Woman



Kari Bazemore was written up in the NY Post as having fun slashing up women around the city. He doesn’t even rob them. He likes to cut them with his phallic knife.  I guess he gets off on it.


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Bazemore is a recidivist. Look at his record—30 arrests.   The man uses jail like a flophouse.


So, tell me, why does Judge Peterson release a  serial slasher from prison? With his repeat offenses, he  has a zero chance of passing a year without getting arrested again.


Bazemore should be in jail for life.  And Judge Peterson should be considered a conspirator in Bazemore’s  latest slashing of Amanda Morris.


I know judges don’t want to  take responsibility for their acts. Drunken drivers don’t want to take responsibility  for killing someone either but they do go to jail for it even if it was entirely unintentional.


I’m  sure Peterson didn’t envision Bazemore slashing Amanda Morris.  But she should have.  Responsibility is not the intention but the results of negligence.


Peterson’s negligence was her liberal empathy allowing her to release violent criminal, Bazemore.  She is guilty of ideological negligence and should lift weights with Bazemore in the jail yard.


It’s time the criminal system should be revamped and willfully negligent judges should be punished.

Maybe jail would discourage anyone from becoming a judge?  How about fining judges?

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