Liberal Government Looking to End Parental Rights – This is How We Fight Back!

If you’ve never checked out the wonderful website, then you are missing out my friend. The site is a virtual treasure trove of the most important documents our world has ever seen, and they also happen to have a pretty good original content thanks to some wonderful writers. Earlier this week they released two new pieces detailing our government’s attempts to force Common Core down our throats — but they also explained that there is something we can do about this government interference.

In one piece, author Bethany Blankley wonders why does the Common Core require the teaching of Islam?

Should parents be penalized for demanding that their child be exempted from the required teaching of Islamic in Common Core curriculum? Should a teach or public school administrator penalize parents and children for seeking exemption? Parents are finding out the answers to these questions first hand.

To date, public school students are required to:

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Parents must first understand the origins of Common Core, and more importantly assert their First Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment rights– which protect them as parents to make educational decisions for their children…

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common_core_protestBlankley goes on to explain that we as parents have rights that go along with our parenting responsibilities, and as much as they’d like to, the government cannot force us to bend to their will on education. However, just to make sure that we know our rights, she also authored a companion piece titled “Parents: Know Your 14th Amendment Rights”. In this article she delves further into the idea that the state cannot dictate to us how our children will be educated; indeed the Constitution and the courts have ruled time after time that parental responsibilities come along with the parental right to “direct the upbringing and education of their children.”

However, the law everyone should be following is clearly outlined in the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Parents are already legally protected to opt-out of Common Core and can submit a form to do so. 

The U.S. Supreme Court has held that parents possess the “fundamental right” to “direct the upbringing and education of their children.”

Parents can also demand that:

  • State school board members be investigated and/or fired and replaced.
  • State legislatures and governors reject “Race to the top” federal funds and implement legislation or reverse its state education department’s implementation of Common Core in their state.
  • Their child not participate in state testing; and in all curriculum teaching Islam, without being penalized.
  • Information about their child not be collected as data.

Parents can also take their children out of public schools altogether.

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Parents, the point is this: the American public education system has become riddled with corruption, immorality and big government liberalism, but you don’t have to subject your family to these government indoctrination centers. You can fight back. You should fight back. Your children are worth it.

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