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Any fan of zombie fiction has probably heard the name Max Brooks. He’s the son of Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft, but has become famous in his own right as a writer. In the past he’s written for Saturday Night Live, but really broke out after writing his extremely popular book World War Z, a book which chronicled a human vs. zombie war and its aftermath in a style that has some calling Brooks “the Studs Terkel of zombie journalism.”  The book has since been made into a blockbuster movie starring Brad Pitt, which happened to rake in millions of dollars and take zombie film to new realms of popularity.

Sadly all of this led to his recent appearance as a guest on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher where he tossed a pretty horrific (and wrong) rhetorical grenade.

teaparty terroristsMAX BROOKS: You know, this has happened before in history. In Germany in the ‘20s and ‘30s, there was this right wing reactionary element that was so terrified of anarchy and communism, that they said, “you know what, there’s a group of street thugs that are real ideologues and they’re willing to take it and they’re willing to bloody themselves. And you know, once they get into power we can control them.” And that was why they backed them. “We can control this.” 

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ANDY DEAN, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Is that a stretch, the Nazis versus the Tea Party who just want smaller government?

BROOKS: What is true is that ideologues are only loyal to ideology.

DEAN: The Tea Party’s ideology isn’t to take over Europe, it’s for smaller government and less taxes.

BROOKS: But they are still ideologues. They will don’t want to compromise…

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