Liberal Equates Islamic Influence in Paris Terrorism to Christian Influence in Atlanta Olympic Bombing

Javier Manjarres and Ari Rabin-Havt were guests on NewsMax TV’s America’s Forum discussing a range of political issues that included the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, France.

At about 4:45 into the video the discussion turns to a recent poll that shows most Americans are worried about another terrorist attack on US soil. The debate then becomes ‘Why does it seem that President Obama is reticent to call Islamic terrorism what it is?’


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About this time Rabin-Havt says something that astounds Manjarres.

“In the case of the Paris attack… there clearly was a religious motivation for the attack so we shouldn’t be scared of saying it, just like you know you shouldn’t be scared of talking about the 1996 Atlanta bombing as a Christian terrorist attack.”

Look, I think I get where Rabin-Havt is coming from… he’s a liberal and he has to back his liberal leaders whenever he can. I also get that Eric Rudolph is supposed to be a “Christian” who did what he did with some religious motivations. (Primarily his hatred of abortion.)

But it’s not the same.

The discussion today centers on whether or not orthodox Islam teaches that violence and terrorism are legitimate tools to be used against those who are not Muslim (or disagree with the accepted Islamic orthodoxy).

Eric Rudolph was a lone terrorist whose motivations my have been rooted in his understanding of Christianity but have nothing to do with what orthodox Christianity teaches. (Also, Rudolph’s motivations were primarily political and in response to abortion. The Islamic attacks happen to be predicated on the belief that the West is waging war against Islam.) If there were millions of Christians threatening to follow in Eric Rudolph’s footsteps, then we could discuss the bombing being a “Christian” terrorist attack.

The simple fact is that Rudolph held a unique and skewed view of Christianity; modern Islamic terrorism happens to be widely accepted in the Islamic world.

There is a big difference between the Paris and Atlanta attacks.

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