Liberal Democrats Now Comparing Bernie Sanders to…


In a sign that liberals have finally gone completely nuts, they’ve begun sharing a meme on social media that compares their favorite socialist, “Bernie” [score]Bernard Sanders[/score] to the Messiah, Jesus.

In what is likely the most heretical wrong-headed piece of campaign propaganda produced this election cycle these liberal argue that both Jesus and Bernie are “former carpenter’s,” “Jewish,” and “socialist.”


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First of all, to call Bernie Sanders a “carpenter” is to dramatically alter history. Here’s what one of his friends had to say about his carpentry skills, “He was a shi**y carpenter” and “His carpentry was not going to support him.” I can’t be certain that Jesus the man was a renowned carpenter in Israel but I’m positive that no one ever called him a “sh**y carpenter.”

Secondly, Bernie is not an observant Jew. He’s an atheist who worships at the idol of the state. Jesus was an observant Jew who glorified the One True God in everything that he did and said.

Third, Jesus was NOT a socialist. As Bryan Fischer writes at Barbwire, “Jesus was a capitalist. The economy in which his stories take place is an economy predicated on the private ownership of the means of production, on the freedom of each worker to make his own wage agreement with his employer, and on the responsibility of each employer to pay his employees what he promised.”

Lawrence Reed goes further and brilliantly rebuffs the idea that Jesus could be considered a socialist.

Search your conscience. Consider the evidence. Be mindful of facts. Ask yourself: When it comes to helping the poor, would Jesus prefer that you give your money freely to the Salvation Army or at gunpoint to the welfare department?

Jesus was no dummy. He was not interested in the public professions of charitableness in which the legalistic and hypocritical Pharisees were fond of engaging. He dismissed their self-serving, cheap talk. He knew it was often insincere, rarely indicative of how they conducted their personal affairs, and always a dead end with plenty of snares and delusions along the way. It would hardly make sense for him to champion the poor by supporting policies that undermine the process of wealth creation necessary to help them. In the final analysis, he would never endorse a scheme that doesn’t work and is rooted in envy or theft. In spite of the attempts of many modern-day progressives to make him into a welfare-state redistributionist, Jesus was nothing of the sort.

So, no, Jesus was not a socialist, no matter how often the mass of welfare-state ninnies chants that he is.

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